Tecglass and Amica Group – Combining Their Strengths for Greater Success

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Amica Group, a globally recognized name in the home appliance industry, has recently forged a strategic partnership with Tecglass, a leading provider of digital printing technology.

With a rich history spanning 70 years and a strong presence in over 70 countries, Amica Group has established itself as a powerhouse in the market, delivering top-notch appliances to millions of customers worldwide annually.

The collaboration between Tecglass and Amica Group signifies a union of strengths aimed at driving innovation and enhancing production capabilities. As part of this partnership, Amica Group has invested in cutting-edge digital printing technology from Tecglass, a move that underscores their commitment to quality and efficiency in manufacturing.

The recent installation of the Vitro-Jet Single Pass HA digital printer at Amica’s facilities marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards leveraging advanced technology for glass decoration. With a high glass processing capacity and impressive printing speed, this digital printer is set to revolutionize Amica Group’s in-house production of decorated glass.

In a conversation with Mr. Dariusz Gorączka, Technology Manager & Chief Enameller of Amica S.A, he shared insights into the decision-making process that led to choosing Tecglass as the preferred digital printing supplier for this transformative project. Mr. Gorączka highlighted Tecglass’s unique approach, unwavering support, and commitment to providing a comprehensive technology solution that aligns with Amica’s goals.

Reflecting on the journey of working with Tecglass, Mr. Gorączka emphasized the seamless collaboration and proactive problem-solving approach demonstrated by the Tecglass team throughout the project. From project definition to installation and ongoing operation, Tecglass exhibited a dedication to ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of the digital printing technology at Amica Group.

The partnership between Amica Group and Tecglass exemplifies a shared dedication to excellence and innovation in the home appliance industry. As Amica continues to embrace digital printing technology for enhanced production capabilities, the collaboration with Tecglass is poised to drive continued success and growth for both companies.



Source:Tecglass with additional information added by Apazone

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