Swisspacer: Two and a Half Decades of Innovation and Excellence

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Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation: Swisspacer Leads the Way in Warm Edge Technology

In the world of construction, the term “warm edge” signifies enhanced thermal insulation, a feat achieved by innovative plastic spacer bars, outperforming conventional metal counterparts. Swisspacer, a trailblazing company, has played a pivotal role in establishing the warm edge concept, marking 25 years of remarkable contributions to the industry.

A Legacy of Innovation and Growth

Founded two and a half decades ago, Swisspacer has evolved into an innovation powerhouse, driving industry progress. The company’s success is mirrored in its rapid expansion of production capacities, exemplifying a commitment to excellence.

To commemorate its milestone anniversary, Swisspacer proudly unveils a rejuvenated logo, embodying freshness and confidence. Eunike Heil, Lead Brand Management at Swisspacer, highlighted, “Our logo’s design signifies the crucial role our spacer bars play – differentiating between warmth and cold, indoors and outdoors.”

Embracing Sustainability: A Core Mission

Looking ahead, sustainability remains a focal point for Swisspacer. Sarah Sattler, Sales and Marketing Manager, emphasized, “Energy conservation lies at the heart of our operations.” Swisspacer stands out as one of the few spacer bar manufacturers offering an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) across all widths, solidifying its position as an industry leader in reducing carbon footprint.

Global Reach: Meeting International Challenges

In the face of climate change, Swisspacer’s commitment knows no borders. Peter Appel, New Market Development Director, underlined, “Climate concerns are universal.” Swisspacer’s expertise, particularly in European standards and local expertise, is gaining worldwide recognition, contributing significantly to the industry’s advancement and reinforcing Swiss quality on a global scale.

At Swisspacer, the journey of innovation, sustainability, and global impact continues, reaffirming its role as a pioneering force in the construction industry.

Source: Swisspacer with additional information added by Apazone

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