Streamline Glass Handling with LiSEC’s Advanced Robotic System for Vertical Loading and Unloading

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Automate Glass Handling with LiSEC RHV-A: Enhancing Product Quality and Efficiency

Achieve unmatched product quality and repeatability with LiSEC RHV-A, an advanced robot system designed for the vertical loading and unloading of glass sheets. With its flexible adaptability to different products and glass racks, this innovative vacuum suction clamp enables seamless automation and optimizes your glass processing line.

Flexible and Efficient Glass Handling

The LiSEC RHV-A offers exceptional flexibility in adapting to various products and glass racks, allowing for fully automated loading and unloading of individual glass sheets or insulating glass units. Its fixed support fingers and extendable suction clamps ensure secure and gentle transportation, especially for elements with thermoplastic spacers. The linear arrangement of the suction clamps facilitates easy re-turning of units when required.

Configurable Robot System

The RHV-A system comprises a robot and a clamp, seamlessly integrating with different logistics solutions for safe and uninterrupted glass rack or transport container handling. Choose from renowned robot manufacturers such as ABB, Kuka, or Fanuc to customize the system according to your specific needs.

Effortless Unloading Process

The RHV-A simplifies the unloading process through a series of precise steps:

  • Transfer of glass sheet data from the upstream machine to the robot
  • Calculation of the travel path and required speed based on the data
  • Activation of the necessary vacuum suction cups on the clamp
  • Lift and extract the glass sheet with precision and reliability

Versatile Applications

Suitable for loading from a glass block to a vertical line or from a vertical line to a glass rack, the RHV-A caters to various glass handling scenarios. Its maximum lifting capacity of 480 kg ensures efficient and reliable performance across different production requirements.

Key Benefits and Advantages

By integrating the LiSEC RHV-A into your glass processing line, you unlock several benefits:

  • Continuous production with automated loading and unloading
  • Optimized suction and placement process for consistent product quality
  • Enhanced grip and stability, minimizing the risk of suction cups slipping off during manual handling
  • Flexible stacking options onto different transport containers, facilitated by the robot’s advanced glass block identification capabilities

Source: LiSEC  with additional information added by Apazone

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