STRATO® RIGIDO revolutionizes structural design with new innovations

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Expansion of the STRATO® RIGIDO Interlayers Range: New Colours, Dimensions, and Thicknesses

Satinal SpA, a leading EVA film production site in Italy and a reference point in Europe for the supply of 100% made in Italy interlayers, has expanded the STRATO® RIGIDO interlayers range to meet the growing market demand. The range now includes new colours, dimensions, and thicknesses, ensuring optimal aesthetics, areas of application, and handling.

STRATO® RIGIDO is a structural interlayer of the STRATO® range that guarantees exceptional hardness and resistance, thanks to certified characteristics according to standard EN 16613. It is the ideal lamination solution for applications where security and durability come first. The high quality and hardness of STRATO® RIGIDO allow for laminating thinner glasses, reducing the quantity and thicknesses of glasses required, without compromising the security of buildings and the resistance of a STRATO® RIGIDO interlayer laminated glass.

The most interesting innovation concerns the introduction of RIGIDO COLOUR, allowing for a wide range of colours to personalize structural surfaces with modern and cutting-edge shades. In addition, STRATO® RIGIDO is available in different formats, from a minimum width of 120 cm to a maximum width of 250 cm, different thicknesses, and roll lengths. The plates can also be packed in rolls, optimizing shipments. Storage is easy as STRATO® RIGIDO is not a hygroscopic material and therefore does not fear moisture.

The applications of STRATO® RIGIDO are among the most various and sometimes the most extreme, including high incidence of hurricane areas, facades of buildings, and parapets. The product offer expansion ensures a wider range of possibilities for designers, architects, and engineers to meet their project requirements.

Get in touch with Satinal SpA to learn more about the STRATO® RIGIDO interlayers range and how it can contribute to your project’s security, durability, and aesthetics.

Source: SATINAL SPA with additional information added by Apazone

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