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Strategic Expansion Unveiled: Apazone Celebrates RHI Magnesita’s Acquisition of P-D Refractories

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Exciting Expansion: RHI Magnesita Completes Acquisition of P-D Refractories

In a significant leap toward industry dominance, RHI Magnesita, a global leader in high-grade refractory products, systems, and solutions, proudly announces the successful acquisition of the esteemed refractory businesses of the Preiss-Daimler Group (P-D Refractories) in Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

A Legacy of Excellence: P-D Refractories’ Expertise

Renowned for producing top-notch alumina-based refractories for diverse industrial applications, P-D Refractories has carved a niche in process industries, particularly in the glass and aluminium sectors. With a stellar market position and an impressive revenue of EUR 171 million in 2022, P-D Refractories brings a wealth of expertise to the RHI Magnesita family.

Endless Possibilities: Unlocking Growth Horizons

This strategic move unlocks a plethora of growth opportunities. By integrating P-D Refractories’ production facilities and raw material mines into our global network, RHI Magnesita is poised for unparalleled expansion. Our extended product range and services are set to benefit an even wider customer base, offering bespoke refractory solutions across the globe.

A Global Impact: Strengthening Market Presence

While P-D Refractories’ production hubs are based in Europe, their influence spans worldwide. With established brands and high-performing products, they have garnered trust and admiration from customers globally. This acquisition not only amplifies our production footprint but also strengthens our market presence on a global scale.

A Visionary Step: CEO Stefan Borgas’ Insight

Stefan Borgas, the visionary CEO of RHI Magnesita, expressed his enthusiasm about this transformative acquisition. He emphasized how the synergy between P-D Refractories’ production capabilities and RHI Magnesita’s expertise will bolster our portfolio and elevate our market presence. This strategic move signifies a pivotal milestone for both companies, promising an era of enhanced innovation and customer satisfaction.

Source: RHI Magnesita, with additional information added by Apazone

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