Stara Glass Takes Strides Towards a Sustainable Future: Joins Horizon COREu Project for Carbon Capture and Storage

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Commitment to Sustainability: Stara Glass Proudly Engages in Horizon COREu Project for Carbon Capture and Storage Solutions

In a significant move towards sustainable practices, Stara Glass proudly declares its participation in the Horizon COREu project, a groundbreaking initiative focused on advancing the adoption of carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions within the glass industry.

The Horizon COREu project stands as an ambitious undertaking, dedicated to expediting the shift towards a low-carbon future. By demonstrating pivotal technologies across the entire CCS value chain in Southern Europe, the project aims to catalyze the development of CCS routes connecting emitters with storage sites in Central Eastern Europe.

An integral objective of the Horizon COREu project is to empower every glassmaker in Europe with a comprehensive understanding of their optimal technological and logistical opportunities for mitigating CO2 emissions.

Advancing Sustainability in Glass Manufacturing: Stara Glass is at the forefront of the sustainability movement within the glass industry, actively contributing to the Horizon COREu project’s mission. This initiative is a testament to Stara Glass’s commitment to environmental responsibility and its dedication to exploring innovative solutions for reducing carbon footprints in glass production.

The Horizon COREu Project’s Vision: The Horizon COREu project is strategically designed to not only demonstrate CCS technologies but also to pave the way for feasible routes connecting carbon emitters with storage facilities in Central Eastern Europe. By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the project aims to create a comprehensive framework that enables glassmakers to make informed decisions about minimizing their carbon impact.

Source: Stara Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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