Stara Glass Joins Horizon COREu Carbon Capture Project, Paving the Way for Sustainable Solutions in the Glass Industry

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Stara Glass embraces environmental responsibility by becoming a key participant in the Horizon COREu project

Stara Glass has taken a significant stride towards sustainability by aligning with the Horizon COREu project, a collaborative effort involving more than 40 companies and spearheaded by SINTEF, a prominent independent research organization in Europe. As a member of the Horizon COREu project, Stara Glass contributes to the creation of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) solutions specifically tailored for the glass industry. The project, aiming to expedite the shift towards a low-carbon future, holds distinction as the largest-ever research and innovation initiative in CCS funded by a European program.

Led by SINTEF, the consortium behind COREu seeks to demonstrate critical technologies across the entire CCS value chain in Southern Europe. Simultaneously, it endeavors to facilitate the establishment of CCS routes connecting emitters with storage sites in Central Eastern Europe. Four potential routes—Prinos/Kavala in Greece, South Moravia in the Czech Republic, Baltic/Gdansk in Poland, and Western Ukraine—will serve as focal points for this transnational network, fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

COREu’s strategic approach emphasizes multimodal transportation and the formation of emitter clusters, strategically designed to generate demand and investment incentives for CCS deployment. By bringing together various routes and stakeholders, the project envisions the initiation of an open-access, trans-European network linking emitters with storage sites.

SINTEF underscores the significance of COREu, noting it as the most extensive research and innovation project in CCS ever funded by a European program. Stara Glass’ involvement in this pivotal initiative reflects the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

Source: Apazone

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