Sparklike: Revolutionary Glass Integrity Testing for Accurate Insulating Gas Fill Verification

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Providing Top-Quality Glass: Szkłoland Chooses Sparklike Laser Portable for Insulating Gas Verification

In their pursuit of delivering excellence in glass products, Szkłoland LLC, a renowned manufacturer of building, decorative, and furniture glass, has taken a proactive approach by incorporating the innovative Sparklike Laser Portable. This cutting-edge device enables Szkłoland to monitor and measure insulating gas concentration levels, ensuring the highest quality glass offerings for their esteemed customers.

Szkłoland’s Commitment to Superior Glass Products

Szkłoland’s mission statement boldly states, “The world needs glass – and we are here to deliver it!” This declaration encapsulates the company’s core business focus. As a trusted provider of glass and mirrors sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers, Szkłoland places immense importance on delivering top-quality products to their discerning clientele. To further enhance their commitment to quality, Szkłoland invested in the Sparklike Laser Portable, which allows them to meticulously verify and maintain the desired insulating gas levels in their products.

Addressing the Challenge of Insulating Gas Verification

Previously, Szkłoland faced a challenge when it came to non-invasively verifying the correct levels of gas fill in their units. Recognizing the significance of this issue, Kamil Kwiatkowski, Managing Director at Szkłoland, made the decision to acquire the Sparklike Laser Portable. This groundbreaking device has provided them with the means to effectively confirm the proper gas filling of all their units.

“With the Sparklike Laser Portable, we can now ensure that our gassing devices work properly. It has given us complete peace of mind.” – Kamil Kwiatkowski, Managing Director at Szkłoland

Sparklike and Szkłoland: Achieving Accurate Insulating Gas Fill

Kamil Kwiatkowski further emphasizes that Szkłoland procured the Sparklike Laser Portable to elevate the quality of their insulating glass units. By emphasizing the significance of precise gas fill levels within the insulating glass chambers, Szkłoland aims to guarantee the utmost quality in their products. Moreover, the Laser Portable has seamlessly integrated into their existing processes, thanks to the comprehensive training provided by Sparklike distributor Polver. Now, all members of Szkłoland’s quality control department utilize the device with ease and proficiency.

The Impact of IGU Quality on U-Value

We also delved into Szkłoland’s perspective on the future of quality control in the glass industry. Kwiatkowski emphasized that quality control goes beyond enhancing the product itself, as it significantly influences other crucial aspects within the building sector. Achieving better U-values in insulating glass units enhances energy efficiency and contributes to the overall performance of buildings.

“While glass is a beautiful and modern material, it comes with inherent risks such as scratches, breakage, and compromised sealing. Quality control in the glass industry enables us to deliver increasingly superior products that fulfill vital functions, including thermal insulation of buildings.” – Kamil Kwiatkowski, Managing Director at Szkłoland

Source: Sparklike Oy with additional information added by Apazone

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