SORG Group and P+ International Forge Exclusive Cooperation Partnership

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Empowering Glass Industry Innovation: SORG Group’s Exclusive Collaboration with P+ International

In a significant move towards enhancing its comprehensive solutions, the SORG Group (EME, Nikolaus SORG, and SKS) has entered into an exclusive cooperation agreement with P+ International, marking a significant expansion of their turnkey capabilities.

Leaders in Glass Technology

With an illustrious history spanning over 150 years and a dedicated workforce of over 500 professionals, the SORG Group stands at the forefront of the global glass industry. It brings together cutting-edge technologies, providing complete batch house and furnace solutions to meet the diverse needs of the industry.

P+ International: A Wealth of Expertise

P+ International, comprising companies like Capex, BSM Baker, Washtec, and ACE Engineering, brings more than 30 years of specialized experience in the glass industry. With over 100 skilled employees, they are poised to elevate the SORG Group’s services in critical areas such as architectural design, civil and structural engineering, mechanical and electrical utility planning, and on-site construction services.

A Seamless Integration of Expertise

The SORG Group already excels in delivering turnkey solutions for various project types, including rebuilds, upgrades, modernizations, and greenfield ventures. The exclusive collaboration with P+ International takes this to the next level by seamlessly integrating all associated technologies, structures, and utilities into a unified solution. Moreover, customers can benefit from essential on-site services like structural inspections, utilities and facilities audits, and professional construction management services.

Elevating Value for Our Customers

This exclusive partnership underscores the SORG Group’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers. We assure our clients that their diverse needs, ranging from in-depth business case studies to comprehensive factory planning, will be met by a team of experts with an in-depth understanding of glass technology and invaluable industry experience.

Experience a new era of innovation and efficiency with the SORG Group and P+ International, where expertise converges to shape the future of the glass industry.

Source: SORG Group  with additional information added by Apazone

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