SKAALA’s Remarkable Journey: Leading the Way in Quality Control with Sparklike Laser Portable

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Revolutionizing Quality Control: SKAALA’s 20-Year Journey with Sparklike Laser Portable

In 1956, the journey of SKAALA began in Finland, growing into one of the most renowned window and door brands in its market. Throughout its history, SKAALA has maintained a steadfast commitment to domestic production, top-notch materials, and local craftsmanship. In addition to these core values, SKAALA has been a trailblazer in the industry, collaborating with Sparklike for nearly two decades to measure the insulating gas concentration in their glass units.

A Pioneer’s Partnership – Sparklike Since 2004

Production Supervisor Jussi Valli at SKAALA vividly recalls the year 2004 when SKAALA acquired its first argon gas tester for quality control. This initial step marked the beginning of a lasting partnership with Sparklike. Over the years, the collaboration has deepened, involving annual calibrations and maintenance. However, as window technology evolved, SKAALA recognized the need for a more advanced device, one that could accommodate the measurement of triple glass with various coatings. This is where the Sparklike Laser Portable, equipped with TDLAS technology, came into play.

“We have been satisfied with the previous devices. Overall, the service, I mean the whole package. The cherry on top of the cake was when we asked for the next calibrations and Sales Manager Antti Koski contacted us and suggested a meeting regarding new investments.”


Quality Control: Tracing Excellence at Every Step

Quality control is at the heart of SKAALA’s production process. Stringent checks begin with glass cutting and continue at every stage to swiftly identify any potential issues. Ensuring product functionality through standardized testing is paramount. SKAALA leaves no stone unturned, meticulously inspecting the equipment’s performance on the production line.

Within the IGU (Insulating Glass Unit) lines, multiple tests are conducted to guarantee both visual perfection and structural integrity. Sparklike plays a crucial role in quality control at the final stage, measuring the gas concentration in insulating glass units. SKAALA meticulously measures gas concentration, ensuring uniform distribution over time.

Elevating Quality with Laser Portable

Although the previous devices served well, they couldn’t keep up with the demands of modern windows. Upgrading became imperative for SKAALA’s quality strategy, and their satisfaction with Sparklike naturally led to continued collaboration. What sealed the deal for SKAALA was the innovative technology behind the Sparklike Laser Portable, offering versatility in measurements.

“We can measure more glass faster. It [Laser Portable 2.1] of course makes measuring more diverse regarding the types of glasses we can measure. Now we can measure coated and laminated glasses. Those types of glasses are what the modern customer wants, and the demand has grown, as has the supply.”

Moreover, the portability of the device translated into significant time savings for SKAALA. Unlike the old device that required an outlet for power, Laser Portable can be used where the windows are stored. Its user-friendly interface ensures that all employees can utilize it effectively.

Enhancing Production Safety and Efficiency

The real value lies in the trust it instills in the production process. By measuring gas concentration in IGUs, SKAALA gains tangible proof of production quality, especially in gas fill processes. Laser Portable not only enhances efficiency but also provides the flexibility to measure units based on their window measurements or receive measurements directly from the device.

The Ultimate Benefit: Quality Assurance

“The biggest benefit is exceeding the requirements of quality. The product meets the criteria that are set, and it can be traced, and we have proof of it.” With Laser Portable, SKAALA obtains real-time data, allowing immediate action if any irregularities arise. SKAALA’s commitment to rigorous quality control procedures ensures the delivery of enduring, high-quality products, instilling confidence in both their products and customers.


Source: Sparklike Oy with additional information added by Apazone

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