SKAALA, a Leading Window Manufacturer, Unveils the Key to Elevating IGU Quality: Precision Insulating Gas Measurement

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Window Manufacturer SKAALA: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

For over six decades, SKAALA has been a prominent name in the world of windows and doors, with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1956 in Finland. At the heart of SKAALA’s success lies a commitment to domestic production, the use of premium materials, and a dedication to excellence in craftsmanship. But what sets SKAALA apart is their relentless pursuit of quality, exemplified by their nearly two-decade-long partnership with Sparklike in measuring insulating glass units (IGUs). This enduring commitment to quality control has earned SKAALA an outstanding reputation and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Putting Customer Satisfaction First

In a candid interview with the Director of Sales and Marketing at SKAALA, it becomes abundantly clear that customer satisfaction is the linchpin of their success. At SKAALA, they understand that without satisfied customers, there is no business. Hence, they have placed an unwavering focus on product quality and employ diverse measurement methods to ensure it.

Customer feedback is paramount at SKAALA. Regular surveys keep the pulse on customer satisfaction, enabling SKAALA to refine and elevate its services and products continually. This ongoing commitment ensures that customer satisfaction remains a top priority.

The Evolving Role of Windows

Today, windows and doors are not mere architectural elements; they are integral to the overall functionality and aesthetics of buildings. People now demand windows that cater to specific building needs, whether it’s energy efficiency, security, privacy, or thermal insulation.

Regarding heat insulation, Production Supervisor Jussi Valli at SKAALA emphasizes the importance of Argon gas over air, as it results in a lower U-value, signifying superior thermal transmittance. When combined with various coatings, Argon gas provides optimal protection and thermal control, resulting in top-tier insulation. This is precisely why SKAALA utilizes Sparklike Handheld and Laser Portable devices to meticulously measure gas concentration in IGUs, ensuring flawless performance and gas fill.

Innovations in the Glass Industry

Looking ahead, the glass industry is poised for groundbreaking innovations, and many of these will center around insulating glass units. Factors such as coatings, laminations, gases, the number of glass layers, and glass thickness all influence IGU properties. The Director of Sales and Marketing at SKAALA believes that these innovations are critical, as IGUs play a pivotal role in enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings, and global standards are becoming more stringent.

SKAALA’s Pursuit of Excellence

In conclusion, SKAALA’s primary objective is to become the most sought-after and trusted brand in the industry. They are achieving this by investing in product quality and ensuring that their offerings are always at the cutting edge of technology. Sparklike has been an integral part of SKAALA’s manufacturing process for decades, contributing to their legacy of excellence.

Discover More About SKAALA’s Quality Focus and Industry Trends

For further insights into SKAALA’s commitment to quality and their perspective on emerging industry trends, explore our in-depth article: “Window Manufacturer SKAALA Focuses On Quality – Read What They Think About The Trends In The Industry.”


Source: Sparklike Oy with additional information added by Apazone

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