Şişecam’s Bold Move: Transforming Glass Production with Cutting-Edge Furnace Renovation in India

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Şişecam: Igniting Global Expansion

Şişecam, a powerhouse in glass production with a footprint spanning 14 countries across four continents, is leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. With a sprawling sales network that touches over 150 countries worldwide, Şişecam is a testament to innovation and progress.

Revolutionizing Glass Production in Halol, India

In a strategic move that underscores their commitment to excellence, Şişecam has undertaken a monumental endeavor – the revitalization of its flat glass furnace at the Halol production facility in India. This ambitious undertaking, backed by a substantial investment of approximately USD 56 million, is poised to redefine the glass manufacturing landscape. The rejuvenated furnace is set to produce a versatile array of glass products, including flat glass, mirrors, and frosted glass, boasting an impressive daily production capacity of 650 tonnes.

A Sustainable Future: Leading the Charge in Energy Efficiency

Şişecam’s investment in modernization extends beyond productivity; it embraces sustainability wholeheartedly. With the incorporation of cutting-edge electric boosting technology and a refined furnace design, the company anticipates an impressive 15 percent reduction in energy consumption after the renovation. This move aligns perfectly with Şişecam’s unwavering dedication to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

A Decade of Success in India

With a robust presence in India spanning over a decade, Şişecam’s journey in the country has been marked by milestones of growth and achievement. In 2013, the company ventured into production operations by acquiring a 50 percent stake in HNG Float Glass India. Five years later, in 2018, Şişecam solidified its position by acquiring the remaining 50 percent stake, thereby cementing its foothold in the Indian market. Today, the facility proudly operates under the name of Şişecam Flat Glass India.

Ready for a New Chapter

After nearly four months of meticulous cold repair, Şişecam is primed to produce an astounding annual output of approximately 200,000 tonnes of flat glass, mirrors, and frosted glass at its revamped furnace.

Investing in India’s Future

Şişecam’s unwavering commitment to India is exemplified by an impressive investment of USD 203 million in the country. Presently, the company employs 264 skilled professionals at its Halol facility. Notably, Şişecam exports its products from the Halol plant to numerous countries, including Sri Lanka, Qatar, Nepal, Maldives, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Brazil.

A Vision of Global Excellence

Şişecam’s mission extends beyond borders, as it aspires to fortify its position in the global glass industry. By amalgamating its production capabilities in India with an innovative mindset and advanced technologies, Şişecam aims to set new benchmarks and continue its journey of excellence in the world of glass.

Source: Şişecam with additional information added by Apazone

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