Şişecam Unveils Cutting-Edge Automotive Glass Furnace in Luleburgaz

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Fueling Growth and Sustainability: Şişecam Unveils State-of-the-Art Automotive Glass Line

In its relentless pursuit of sustainable growth and commitment to delivering value to stakeholders, Şişecam has embarked on an exciting journey. The company has inaugurated a cutting-edge automotive glass production line, representing an impressive investment of approximately TRY 4 billion (USD 190 million). Nestled within the heart of Luleburgaz, Kirklareli, Turkey, this dynamic addition is poised to make a significant impact. With an annual production capacity of 200,000 tonnes, it’s not just glass that’s being crafted—it’s opportunities. This milestone venture is set to generate 114 additional jobs, reinforcing Şişecam’s dedication to both innovation and employment.

Dr. Ahmet Kirman, Şişecam’s Chairman and Executive Member of the Board, sheds light on the company’s strategic move into the realm of automotive raw glass. He explains, “In 2021, we made a resolute decision to invest in a flat glass line in Luleburgaz. This choice was fueled by the intensifying global competition and the surging demand for automotive glass, which had reached remarkable levels in Turkey. Today, we stand proud as we transform this vision into reality. Our new line will redefine production efficiency, boasting an impressive net width of 4.88 meters, a cut above industry standards. With this strategic investment, Şişecam’s existing float lines, currently dedicated to automotive glass production, will expand their horizons, focusing entirely on architectural glass. This expansion will not only amplify their capacity but also enhance their overall efficiency.”

Dr. Kirman highlights that a substantial portion of the demand for thin and ultra-thin clear, colorless, and colored float glass, required for Şişecam’s automotive glass production, will be met by this new float line. Furthermore, he shares, “In parallel with this endeavor, construction is progressing seamlessly at Şişecam’s TR9 float line in Tarsus, positioned among the top five largest capacity flat glass investments worldwide. The cold repair and capacity augmentation of the TR1 float line in Luleburgaz are also in full swing. Upon the completion of these two monumental projects, Şişecam’s total float production capacity in Turkey will surge by an impressive 30 percent, reaching a remarkable 2.6 million tonnes.”

A Legacy of Innovation in Lüleburgaz

Şişecam’s Lüleburgaz facility holds a special place in the company’s history. It stands as the inaugural production facility equipped with advanced float technology in Eastern Europe, the Balkan region, Middle East, and North Africa. Since its inception in 1981, this facility has consistently demonstrated its prowess. Currently, two furnaces operate within its walls, churning out a diverse range of flat glass, mirrors, and automotive glass. Today, Şişecam’s automotive glass extends its reach across borders, with production facilities not only in Turkey but also in Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, and Romania.

The journey of innovation and growth continues for Şişecam, as it ushers in a new era of possibilities with its state-of-the-art automotive glass line. Stay tuned for more remarkable milestones from Şişecam, as they shape the future of glass technology and sustainability.

Source: Şişecam with additional information added by Apazone

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