Şişecam Empowers Its Furnaces with PaneraTech’s Cutting-Edge Digital Monitoring Program

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Empowering Innovation: Şişecam and PaneraTech Join Forces for Digital Furnace Monitoring

In the dynamic world of glass manufacturing, Şişecam stands as a global leader, with operations spanning fourteen countries across four continents. Renowned for their comprehensive expertise in the glass industry, covering flat glass, glassware, glass packaging, and chemicals, Şişecam consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation.

A Visionary Approach

Şişecam’s journey to excellence is paved with smart technologies and a highly skilled workforce. At the heart of their working methodology is a commitment to “team up with business partners for innovative solutions.” This philosophy has driven Şişecam to form a strategic alliance with PaneraTech, marking a pivotal moment in their pursuit of excellence.

The Path to Innovation

The partnership between Şişecam and PaneraTech traces back to 2013 when PaneraTech was in the nascent stages of developing its groundbreaking SmartMelter® technology—an ingenious portable radar-based sensor system designed to measure refractory thickness. By 2016, PaneraTech had successfully demonstrated SmartMelter® technology to Şişecam, leading to its adoption as a standard practice for inspecting Şişecam’s furnaces.

As time progressed, so did PaneraTech’s capabilities. Today, they offer a comprehensive solution that digitally transforms furnaces, enabling data-driven decision-making. Digital Furnace Monitoring (DFM) is the embodiment of this holistic approach—a program designed to monitor and manage furnace health effectively. This is especially crucial in an era where the industry is witnessing a generational shift, with seasoned furnace managers making way for a younger, less experienced workforce.

A Transformative Journey

Şişecam has embarked on a transformative journey by enrolling all of its furnaces in the DFM program, with a three-year timeline for completion. Through the powerful XSight™ software, each furnace will undergo a digital transformation, allowing for real-time monitoring and analysis of all furnace activities. This includes data collected through radar technology and a routine schedule of audits. To provide expert guidance, PaneraTech will assign an Asset Manager to each plant team, ensuring that data is interpreted effectively and decisions align with industry best practices. These Asset Managers will be motivated to assist plant teams in achieving their goals, reflecting PaneraTech’s commitment to providing comprehensive support.

The Power of Polaris™ IoT Sensors

Central to this initiative is the installation of Polaris™ IoT sensors in every Şişecam furnace. These sensors continuously monitor critical areas of refractory materials, offering early detection of issues during furnace campaigns. This proactive approach empowers Şişecam to make informed decisions, optimizing furnace campaigns and ultimately maximizing glass production efficiency.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Şişecam and PaneraTech represents a significant stride towards the future of glass manufacturing. By embracing digital innovation and the power of data-driven decision-making, Şişecam reaffirms its position as an industry pioneer, committed to delivering excellence in glass production. Together with PaneraTech, they are shaping the glass industry’s future, one furnace at a time.

Source: PaneraTech with additional information added by Apazone

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