Shepley Elevates Customer Support: A Comprehensive Package for Installers in the Window Fabrication Industry

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Shepley, the UK’s Premier REHAU Window Fabricator, Unveils Enhanced Support Package for Installation Companies

In a strategic move to fortify its commitment to customers, Shepley, recognized as the UK’s largest sole REHAU window fabricator, has rolled out an unparalleled support package. Ian Griffiths, Managing Director at Shepley, emphasizes the company’s response to the challenging economic landscape, stating, “We’ve curated a comprehensive offering, incorporating the latest trending products and robust support structures to empower our customers in winning more business.”

Shepley’s customer-centric approach in the face of economic demands is evident in the diversified product range designed to provide installers with a competitive edge. The focus on expanding choices includes a repertoire of 25 off-the-shelf color options for the REHAU PVCu window and door range. Additionally, the array extends to the Visage Composite doors, offering 60 unique variations across three distinct styles: Contemporary, Modernist, and Traditional. To simplify decision-making for homeowners, Shepley has introduced the new Visage Composite Door brochure, showcasing the complete collection. The inclusion of the Sweet range of door handles and furniture from Brisant Secure adds a touch of luxury to the offerings.

Every facet of Shepley’s product range is complemented by dedicated brochures, facilitating seamless presentations for installation customers. With an eye on enhancing the customer experience, Shepley has launched four new Visage consumer brochures, available for download directly from their website. Furthermore, the latest iteration of the Visage Composite Door Designer serves as a dual-purpose tool, functioning as both a sales and ordering resource. This innovative approach aims to streamline processes for installers and trade counters, saving valuable time.

Ian Griffiths highlights the substantial investment in product development throughout the year, ensuring that customers have access to exciting new window and door options to present to homeowners. The enduring relationships built on product quality, service excellence, and unwavering support are key tenets of Shepley’s ethos. Griffiths concludes, “We believe there has never been a better time to be a Shepley customer.”

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