Shaping the Sustainable Glass Future at Vitrum 2023 with Glaston

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Revolutionizing Glass: Glaston’s Cutting-Edge Innovations at Vitrum 2023

Unveiling the Future of Glass Processing: Glaston, a global pioneer in the industry, presents a spectrum of breakthroughs at Vitrum 2023 that are set to redefine the glass landscape.

Advancing Flat Glass Tempering with AI and Automation

Witness the next era in flat glass tempering, where Glaston’s technological prowess shines. The forefront of innovation in heating and cooling techniques promises unparalleled glass quality, exceptional energy efficiency, and dependable automation. Through ingenious solutions, loading efficiency is elevated, energy consumption is curtailed, and quality is upheld.

Introducing the FC Series EVO

Meet the FC Series EVO, an embodiment of excellence and adaptability in flat glass tempering. Designed for the evolving glass sector, this energy-efficient line boasts circulated-air convection technology and advanced automation. Crafting flexibility and reliability, the FC Series EVO heralds a new standard.

Glaston Autopilot and Beyond

Delve into the Glaston Autopilot, a game-changer that minimizes operator involvement while maximizing process control. The innovation of online stress calculation automates flat tempering, while the White Haze Scanner, powered by AI, detects haze on processed glass, ensuring unmatched quality.

Innovations in Flat Glass Laminating

Unearth the potential of the Glaston ProL flat glass lamination line, redefining mixed production flexibility. Navigate the world of structural interlayers with enhanced convection control technology. Embrace the benefits of the lamination process autopilot, which optimizes furnace operations for superior outcomes.

Advancements in Insulating Glass Manufacturing

Step into the realm of Glaston’s automated sealing robot, ACTIVE‘SEALER, epitomizing precision and efficiency. Unveil the versatile Glaston MULTI’ARRISSER, a triple-threat solution for glass edge arrissing, flat edge arrissing, and corner dubbing. Discover the innovation of the Thermo Plastic Spacer (TPS®) system, streamlining insulating glass manufacturing.

Revolutionizing Automotive and Display Glass Processing

Experience the evolution of the CHAMP EVO automotive glass preprocessing line. The MATRIX EVO automatic bending furnace redefines automotive glass bending, setting new standards in optical quality for intricate shapes and applications.

Empower with Upgrades

Glaston’s service horizon extends to upgrades for glass heat treatment, insulating glass manufacturing, automotive, and display glass processing. Harness energy efficiency, output quality, and capacity through the latest technological enhancements.

Embark on this journey with Glaston at Vitrum 2023, where groundbreaking innovations shape the glass industry’s future.

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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