Sefpro Set to Strengthen Industry Footprint with Acquisition of Glass Service and Affiliated Companies

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French Refractories Leader, Sefpro, Expands Reach through Acquisition of Glass Service and Associated Entities

In a strategic move to enhance its position in the industry, leading French refractories group Sefpro is poised to acquire Glass Service, a prominent Czech Republic-based company. The acquisition encompasses Glass Service’s sister companies, including F.I.C (UK), a supplier of electric melting systems, and FlammaTec, a provider of burner systems. Laurent Cohen-Scali, Sefpro’s Vice President, views this acquisition as a significant step towards offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions to customers.

Laurent Cohen-Scali emphasizes that this acquisition will not only strengthen Sefpro’s existing services but also introduce new dimensions through Sefpro Guard services. The addition of predictive, diagnostic, and data-driven solutions aims to extend furnace lifetime, enhance energy efficiency, and accelerate the electrification of operations, providing increased value to customers.

Erik Muijsenberg, Vice President at Glass Service, assures customers that despite the acquisition, the Glass Service, F.I.C (UK), and FlammaTec teams will continue to operate independently. He expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration with Sefpro, stating that it will provide greater resources to expand technology and implement decarbonization strategies for the benefit of all glass customers. Muijsenberg reiterates the commitment to maintaining the same level of trust and excellence in customer service.

The acquisition, slated for completion by the end of June this year, signifies a strategic alignment between Sefpro and Glass Service, ushering in a new era of collaboration, technological expansion, and sustainable practices in the refractories industry.

Source: Apazone

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