sedak tempered+: Flawless Toughened Glass – Anisotropy-Free Excellence

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Breaking Boundaries: Introducing sedak tempered+ – Glass Innovation Beyond Compare

In a monumental milestone, sedak proudly introduces sedak tempered+ – a revolution in tempered glass technology. This remarkable innovation brings you fully-tempered and heat-strengthened glass with an unprecedented feature: no anisotropies, completely invisible to the naked eye.

A Vision of Excellence

Engineered to deliver the pinnacle of tempered glass quality, sedak tempered+ redefines industry standards. Experience thermally toughened glass like never before, with flawless clarity, pattern-free vision from every angle, and under any lighting condition. sedak’s advanced tempering technology makes the extraordinary possible.

Architectural Marvel

For architects, designers, and visionaries, sedak tempered+ is a dream come true. It represents a new generation of toughened glass where visual and mechanical properties remain consistent, regardless of the viewing angle. It’s a promise of harmony between architecture and glass, where aesthetics and functionality coexist seamlessly. sedak tempered+ isn’t just a product; it’s a leap forward in glass technology, celebrating the transparency of one of architecture’s most cherished materials.

The Sedak Advantage

sedak’s advanced tempering process redefines the glass industry landscape. Utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, sedak tempered+ achieves a homogeneous structure, imparting not only high resistance to impacts and extreme temperatures but also unparalleled clarity and vision.

Traditional tempered glass undergoes a heating process, reaching temperatures around 620 degrees Celsius (1,184 degrees Fahrenheit), followed by rapid cooling with air jets. sedak’s patented tempering technology, however, goes further by meticulously balancing the heating and cooling phases. The result? sedak tempered+ eliminates the stress differences in the glass, eradicating anisotropies completely.

Unlocking True Glass Transparency

Conventionally, tempered glass can exhibit anisotropies where incoming light refracts differently, leading to visual disturbances such as rainbow-like spots or grey stripes in daylight. sedak tempered+ transcends these limitations, offering optically isotropic glass that transmits light uniformly, ensuring a clear and undistorted view through every pane.

Step into a world where glass innovation knows no boundaries – step into the future with sedak tempered+.

Source: sedak  with additional information added by Apazone

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