Secure Elegance: Brisant Secure Unveils Ultion Window Handle in Stunning Finishes

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Elevating both security and style, the Ultion Window Handle from Brisant Secure is the latest addition to the Ultion Sweet range, offering a sleek design and a range of exquisite finishes

In a dynamic landscape of home security and hardware innovations, the door and glazing industry welcomes a sophisticated addition to its lineup—the Ultion Window Handle. Brisant Secure, a key player in the sector, introduces this handle as part of the Ultion Sweet range, emphasizing not only enhanced security features but also a touch of refined style.

Designed to complement a variety of window styles, the Ultion Window Handle boasts a diverse color palette, catering to classic, bold, timeless, and contemporary preferences. The options include classic White, bold Black, timeless Gold, contemporary Satin Nickel, and a perfect match for aluminum installations, Satin Silver.

From in-line to cranked, tilt turn, and fully reversible options, the Ultion Window Handle adapts seamlessly to different projects, ensuring a perfect fit for every design. For scenarios where locking isn’t required, non-locking variants of the handle provide flexibility.

What sets this window handle apart is not just its aesthetic appeal but also its robust construction, offering longevity and reliability. Backed by a 10-year guarantee, the Ultion Window Handle provides peace of mind, assuring both industry professionals and homeowners that it is built to endure.

Embodying the design ethos of Ultion’s renowned door handles, the Ultion Window Handle features a subtle crank design, allowing professionals to create a consistent and stylish look for their customers.

Source: Apazone

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