Scm Group Leads the Way in Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

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Scm Group Leads the Charge in Green Manufacturing as an Opinion Leader of Italy’s First Think Tank

In a bid to promote sustainable manufacturing practices and explore innovative strategies, GEM23 – Green Ex Machina, the first Italian Think Tank, was established. Scm Group, a leading expert in sustainability and digital transformation, was invited to be among the opinion leaders involved in this initiative.

At GEM23’s inaugural event held on April 12 at Banco BPM Headquarters in Milan, industry leaders, R&D managers, and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss how technology can contribute to a circular economy and make production processes sustainable. Eloisa Carlini, the Quality and Sustainability Director of Scm Group, was among the keynote speakers, emphasizing how technology and human skills are instrumental in production process sustainability.

Carlini spoke about Scm Group’s experience and expertise in processing a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, glass, and plastic. She also highlighted Scm Group’s focus on making machines more efficient, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing waste. Remote diagnostics and assistance have also played a significant role in making processes more sustainable, allowing customers to monitor their machines in real-time, order spare parts, and receive expert assistance.

As Carlini emphasized, implementing digital technologies requires new skills and mindsets. While artificial intelligence has become an integral part of manufacturing, human skills and expertise are still essential. This means that a partnership between human and machine is vital in achieving optimal efficiency and sustainability in production processes.

Scm Group’s participation in GEM23 showcases its commitment to sustainability and innovation, making it a leading opinion leader in green manufacturing.

Source: Scm Group with additional information added by Apazone

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