Schreiner Group and SGD Pharma’s Joint Seminar Achieves Remarkable Success

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Exploring Innovation in Glass Containers and Labelling: A Schreiner Group and SGD Pharma Seminar

From September 14 to 15, the collaborative seminar orchestrated by Schreiner Group and SGD Pharma opened the door to a world of glass containers and pioneering labeling solutions.

Day 1: A Fascinating Journey

The event kicked off with an immersive factory tour at SGD Pharma Kipfenberg, Germany. Participants had the privilege to witness firsthand the cutting-edge production processes that drive the industry. Following the factory tour, the focus shifted to the parenteral market, as captivating presentations unveiled SGD Pharma’s latest innovation strategies and projects. The day crescendoed with a delightful joint dinner serenaded by live music, setting the stage for insightful discussions.

Day 2: Exploring Market Trends

On September 15, the journey continued as participants gathered at the Schreiner Group headquarters in Oberschleißheim, Germany. Here, they were presented with a unique opportunity to delve into the latest market trends shaping the pharmaceutical industry. The day unfolded through a series of illuminating presentations, providing a comprehensive overview of the evolving landscape.

Join in exploring the future of pharmaceutical packaging, where innovation knows no bounds.

Source: Schreiner Group with additional information added by Apazone

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