Satinal Group Prepares for an Unforgettable Presence at Vitrum 2023

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Satinal Shines at Vitrum 2023: A Preview of What Awaits You

Next week, Satinal is set to make a grand appearance at Vitrum 2023, the international hub for all things glass technology. Keeping up with industry advancements and global trends is our unwavering commitment, and participating in prestigious trade fairs is how we stay at the forefront.

Hall 7, Booth G30_H29: Your Gateway to Innovation

Join us at Hall 7, Booth G30_H29, where the Satinal team eagerly awaits to share groundbreaking updates from the glass industry. Be prepared to dive into the future of glass technology.

Satinal Booth Spotlight:

Low Carbon Footprint Achievements: Recently, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of our STRATO® range to evaluate its environmental impact, particularly in terms of CO2 emissions across the product life cycle. We’re thrilled to announce that STRATO® EVA Carbon Free has earned the prestigious ISCC PLUS certification with an exceptional score of 1.13 [kg CO2 eq]. This remarkable achievement places STRATO® at the forefront of carbon-neutral products in Europe, aligning with our mission to combat global warming.

New STRATO® Collection: Explore our new STRATO® Collection Products—a versatile and professional resource designed to showcase our STRATO® product range. Witness the essence of Italian craftsmanship.

TK Glass Machinery Excellence: Immerse yourself in the world of TK Glass machinery—a symbol of Italian quality and craftsmanship. Discover a wide range of TK products tailored to meet the demands of medium and large enterprises, elevating production capacities and product quality.

Satinal Open Factory Event: Excitement is building for the Satinal Open Factory event! From September 5th to 8th, we’ll open our Erba headquarters for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the largest EVA plant in Europe. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

To reserve your spot for the Satinal Open Factory event, please email us at, indicating your preferred date and time.

The Satinal team is eager to welcome you to Vitrum 2023, where we’ll unveil the latest industry insights, showcase the innovative TK kilns, and introduce you to the exceptional STRATO® product range.

Contact Information:

Stay tuned for a brighter, more sustainable future with Satinal at Vitrum 2023!

Source: Satinal Group with additional information added by Apazone

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