Saint-Gobain Glass Selects Saflex® FlySafe™ 3D for Enhanced Safety and Security in 4BIRD®Lami Glazing

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Saflex FlySafe 3D and COOL-LITE® Solar Control Coating: A Powerful Combination for Bird Safety and Energy Efficiency

Every year, billions of birds around the world are killed due to collisions with glass windows and facades. Architects, building owners, and ornithologists alike are concerned about this issue, but now there is a solution that addresses bird threats from architectural glass without sacrificing aesthetics.

The Saflex FlySafe 3D PVB interlayer is a highly effective solution that provides bird-friendly benefits without compromising the beauty of glass facades. Its three-dimensional, reflective sequins cover less than 1% of the glass area, making it an excellent choice to use with 4BIRD®Lami from Saint-Gobain Glass, one of a new series of bird-friendly glazing solutions that combines COOL-LITE® solar control coated glass.

The COOL-LITE® solar control coating not only protects birds but also prevents solar heat gain, making it an eco-friendly and energy-efficient option for building owners. Saint-Gobain’s 4BIRD®Lami, with Saflex FlySafe 3D at its core, addresses environmental concerns that architects and builders may have, such as building efficiency and comfort, and preserving biodiversity.

The Saflex FlySafe 3D interlayer technology has already won several awards, including the 2022 Architizer’s A+Awards in the Positive Impact category and a Best of Products award for building materials in the glass category from The Architect’s Newspaper. It has also been specified in numerous building projects around the world.

Protect birds and conserve energy with the powerful combination of Saflex FlySafe 3D and COOL-LITE® Solar Control Coating. Learn more about these innovative solutions at and

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