Saint-Gobain Glass and McLaren Construction Team Up to Deliver Groundbreaking Industry First

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Saint-Gobain Glass and McLaren Construction Collaborate to Achieve Closed-Loop Recycling of Window Glass at Scale

Saint-Gobain Glass has partnered with McLaren Construction to deliver a closed-loop recycling solution for window glass on the refurbishment of over 600 apartments at the Chalcots Estate in Camden. The project, scheduled to be completed by November 2024, has successfully established a recycling process with Powerday and Saint-Gobain Glass to recycle cullet, resulting in a significant reduction of NOX emissions and raw material usage.

As the largest of its kind in the UK, the cullet scheme currently recycles over 55,000 tonnes of glass annually, contributing to Saint-Gobain’s target of recycling more than 25% of their glass from dismantled buildings by 2050. With a recycled content in their glass already at 35% from cullet collected from the market and their customers through their glass repatriation scheme, this percentage rises to 41% in some cases.

McLaren Construction has become the first UK contractor to achieve closed-loop recycling of window glass at scale, in collaboration with Powerday and Saint-Gobain Glass. After the windows are removed, Powerday collects and crushes the glass, which is then recycled back into window glass manufactured by Saint-Gobain Glass. This achievement is a significant step towards a sustainable future and a circular economy.

Source: Saint-Gobain Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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