Saint-Gobain and Air Products Collaborate on Groundbreaking Large-Scale Hydrogen Trial

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Bold Heading: Revolutionizing Glass Production with Sustainable Solutions

Saint-Gobain, a global leader committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050, is spearheading a transformative journey to reduce the carbon footprint of its flat glass production. Embracing innovative approaches, the company is exploring the substitution of natural gas with direct electrical heating and hydrogen combustion.

Successful Hydrogen Trial

In March 2023, a significant milestone was achieved at the flat glass production plant in Herzogenrath, Germany. In collaboration with Air Products, Saint-Gobain conducted a five-day trial injecting 30 percent hydrogen into the energy mix of its float furnace. This large-scale endeavor effectively replaced thirty percent of the furnace’s energy consumption with pure hydrogen/air combustion. Air Products played a vital role by supplying the necessary hydrogen and ensuring seamless gas supply from the trailer to the plant.

A Promising Path to Decarbonization

Ariane Weissler, Senior Project Leader of the Herzogenrath site’s Decarbonization Project (COSIMA Project) at Saint-Gobain, expressed enthusiasm about the furnace’s renewal scheduled for the end of 2027. This timeline aligns perfectly with the decarbonization objectives of Saint-Gobain, Germany, and the European Union. The COSIMA Project encompasses the entire Herzogenrath site, including the Sekurit plant and the Research and Development center. These interconnected entities collaborate synergistically, focusing on decarbonizing the production of flat glass and transforming glass products into cutting-edge glazings for the automotive industry.

Driving Sustainability at Every Step

Saint-Gobain’s ambitious commitment to decarbonization reflects its unwavering dedication to sustainable practices. By leveraging advanced technologies and embracing hydrogen combustion, the company takes a giant leap towards achieving a greener and more environmentally responsible future.

Stay tuned for further updates on Saint-Gobain’s remarkable journey towards a Net Zero Carbon future and its pivotal role in revolutionizing glass production.

Source: Saint-Gobain with additional information added by Apazone

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