Ryze Hydrogen Partners with Guardian Glass, Providing Essential Hydrogen for Float Glass Manufacturing

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Ryze Hydrogen, a key player in the clean energy sector, announces a strategic collaboration with Guardian Glass to supply essential hydrogen for the float glass manufacturing process at their UK plant in Goole, East Yorkshire

Ryze Hydrogen, a prominent figure in the clean energy industry, is set to support Guardian Glass, a global leader with operations spanning over 24 float glass lines worldwide. The collaboration focuses on providing crucial hydrogen to Guardian’s UK float glass plant situated in Goole, East Yorkshire. This partnership comes as a significant move for both companies, aligning with a shared commitment to exploring sustainable practices within the glass industry. The hydrogen supplied by Ryze will play a pivotal role as a technical gas in the float glass manufacturing process, essential for producing the widely used glass in automotive and building applications.

In 2023, Ryze Hydrogen joined Glass Futures, a platform dedicated to investigating the role of hydrogen in mitigating carbon emissions within the glass sector. Jake Harding, Business Development Executive at Ryze, expressed the importance of float gas in the construction and automotive industries, both integral pillars of the UK economy.

Guardian Glass’ Plant Manager, Chris Duguid, emphasized the critical role of hydrogen in their float gas production processes. Specifically, hydrogen creates an oxygen-free environment, acting as a protective layer to prevent oxidation of the tin onto which molten glass is floated. Given the continuous nature of this requirement, the partnership with Ryze ensures a reliable supply of hydrogen, vital for uninterrupted manufacturing operations.

Source : Guardian Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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