Runaya and TAHA Forge Global Alliance, Expanding Sustainability Footprint in the Aluminum Industry

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From India to the World: Runaya and TAHA Extend Cooperation for Global Impact

Runaya and TAHA International, two trailblazing entities in the aluminum industry, have announced the extension of their collaboration beyond the borders of India to a global scale. The strategic partnership aims to establish comprehensive end-to-end dross processing and refining facilities for major primary aluminum smelters worldwide. This visionary move is set to elevate both Runaya and TAHA’s global aspirations, fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability in the aluminum industry.

For over three years, Runaya has successfully implemented TAHA’s patented hot dross processing technology, incorporating expertise in cold dross processing and value-added product manufacturing at various Indian smelters. These facilities have not only facilitated environment-friendly metal recovery but also championed zero-waste practices and the recycling of hazardous waste. Runaya, leveraging its proven track record in execution, has recently obtained a patent for a process that produces high-value-added products from metal-depleted dross residues, further solidifying its commitment to sustainable practices.

Frank Pollmann, Director and founder of TAHA International, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Runaya’s successful contribution to greening the Indian aluminum industry has proven that commitment to technological innovation and sustainable solutions is an effective tool to combat environmental challenges and foster business growth. I am eager to see the projects that TAHA and Runaya will develop globally in the years to come.”

Annanya Agarwal, Co–Founder & CEO of Runaya, highlighted the global potential for sustainability, stating, “Our commitment to transforming waste into wealth aligns with global concerns about sustainability. Through our collaboration with TAHA, we’ve already impacted 67% of India’s primary aluminum production. This success serves as a solid foundation for us to build upon and establish partnerships that can make a positive impact worldwide. Our dedication to converting waste into valuable resources underscores our environmental leadership, positioning us as catalysts for positive change globally.”

The commitment to harmonizing economic growth and environmental responsibility was underscored in a study by Ernst & Young in collaboration with a leading Austrian mining & metal institute in 2021. The study revealed that TAHA’s Hot Dross Processing technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 80%, compared to conventional methods. With a united focus on a global scale, both Runaya and TAHA believe that their unique proficiency in environmentally friendly aluminum dross handling and processing will contribute significantly to the industry’s responsibility to prevent environmental harm and foster sustainable growth.

Source: Apazone

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