Roseview Windows Breaks Ground with Low U-Values on Sash Windows Using Innovative ThermoVFlex System

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Leading sash window manufacturer, Roseview Windows, introduces a groundbreaking advancement in energy efficiency – sash windows boasting significantly reduced U-values without the need for specialist glass.

Whole Article: “Roseview Windows, a renowned sash window manufacturer, is revolutionizing the energy efficiency of sash windows with a remarkable innovation. The company’s flagship Heritage and Ultimate Rose sash windows now offer an impressive certified U-value of 1.2 W/m2K, and what sets them apart is the absence of specialist glass like triple or vacuum glazing. This pioneering achievement is made possible through Roseview’s ThermoVFlex system, a breakthrough technology developed in collaboration with REHAU. ThermoVFlex focuses on enhancing the window’s U-value through profile advancements, eliminating the reliance on specialized glazing.

Richard Burrells, Managing Director of Roseview, emphasizes the significance of this development: “Previously, achieving a U-value below 1.4 W/m2K on sash windows necessitated triple or vacuum glazing, presenting challenges in terms of cost, weight, and practicality. ThermoVFlex enables us to manufacture Heritage or Ultimate Rose sash windows with a 1.2 U-value, using the same IGUs as before, but at a much lower cost than triple glazing. Importantly, it doesn’t impose constraints on safety glass, patterns, or astragal bars.”

As energy efficiency remains a crucial consideration, especially with the Future Homes Standard, Roseview’s innovation provides customers, particularly those involved in new builds, with increased flexibility in meeting energy efficiency requirements. Richard Burrells attributes this breakthrough to Roseview’s longstanding partnership with REHAU, stating, “Roseview has a long history of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is technically and visually possible with sash windows. This is simply a continuation of that, made possible by our close partnership with REHAU.”

Russell Hand, Head of Product Management and Technical at REHAU Window Solutions UK, comments on the launch, saying, “REHAU has been setting the standards in window development for over 30 years. Our latest development is a patented technology that can reduce the U-value of our windows without the need for specialist glazing. It’s a significant step, particularly relevant for sash windows, making perfect sense to work with the longstanding REHAU customer Roseview to launch this exciting new technology.”

Source: Apazone

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