Revolutionizing Vision: Promat SYSTEMGLAS F1 Redefines Glazing Excellence

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Elevating Safety and Aesthetics: Promat SYSTEMGLAS F1 Redefines Fire-Resistant Glazing

In a landmark development, a cutting-edge facility supporting the day-to-day operations of a major UK airline has incorporated two large internal glass screens, seamlessly balancing aesthetics with robust fire protection. The 6-meter-wide by 2-meter-high screens feature Promat SYSTEMGLAS F1, setting a new standard in fire-resistant glazing.

Enhancing Visibility in the Retail Operations Centre

These towering screens, a focal point within the purpose-built 13,935.46 square meter ‘retail operations centre,’ serve a dual purpose. They not only provide fire protection but also enhance visibility and connectivity between office spaces and the main warehouse and logistics zones. The installation reflects the architect’s vision, executed flawlessly by leading glazing contractor MD Glass Partitions.

Promat SYSTEMGLAS F1’s Superior Fire Resistance

Both screens boast EI120 (insulation and integrity) fire resistance, surpassing industry standards. The fire-resistant glazing screens, comprised of five panes each, utilize Promat SYSTEMGLAS F1 Ferro steel-framed glazing system. The double-glazed units, filled with a highly UV-stable, water-based intumescent gel, not only offer exceptional clarity but are also up to 30 percent lighter than equivalent EI120 laminated glass.

Aesthetic Excellence in Steel-Framed Design

Crafted with precision, the Ferro frames feature high-quality steel, powder-coated to achieve a stylish white finish. With a minimal 50-millimeter visible framing, the screens maximize light transmission and visibility, creating a harmonious blend of safety and aesthetics.

MD Glass Partitions: Seamless Installation Expertise

MD Glass Partitions, the Promat SYSTEMGLAS installer, successfully navigated challenges, including lifting the F1 glass units to a height of three meters during installation. Richard Lawrence, Project Coordinator at MD Glass Partitions, attests to the superb end result, highlighting the client’s peace of mind backed by Promat’s 360-degree ‘wheel of assurance.’

360-Degree Assurance by Promat SYSTEMGLAS

Promat SYSTEMGLAS goes beyond conventional assurance with its comprehensive 360-degree ‘wheel of assurance.’ The client receives a certificate of conformity, affirming that the glazing meets the required standard for the stated fire protection level.

To explore more about the innovative Promat SYSTEMGLAS and Promat UK’s commitment to assurance click here. Elevate safety, aesthetics, and performance in your architectural projects with Promat SYSTEMGLAS F1.

Source: Promat with additional information added by Apazone

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