Revolutionizing the Tempering Process: Introducing Automated White Haze Detection

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Revolutionizing Glass Manufacturing: Introducing Automated White Haze Detection

Glass manufacturers have long grappled with the challenge of white haze, a frustrating phenomenon in tempered glass production. Identifying the root cause of white haze has traditionally relied on subjective evaluations, making it difficult to pinpoint and resolve the issue.

Enter a game-changing collaboration between Glaston and Softsolution. By combining Glaston’s expertise in the tempering process with Softsolution’s cutting-edge optical glass quality scanning equipment, a breakthrough solution has emerged. Together, they have developed an AI-based scanner that can automatically detect and grade white haze in tempered glass.

Reliable Detection and Accurate Assessment

The key to this groundbreaking system lies in its neural network, which has been meticulously trained to identify the location and intensity of white haze on the glass. Through rigorous development efforts, it has been conclusively demonstrated that white haze can now be reliably detected and measured with precision.

Join Peter Pfannenstill at GPD Days

Curious to learn more about this groundbreaking innovation? Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Peter Pfannenstill, expert in the field, as he takes the stage at GPD Days in Tampere, Finland, from June 14 to 16. Discover how automated white haze detection is revolutionizing glass manufacturing, ensuring higher quality and efficiency.

Source: Softsolution GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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