Revolutionizing Sustainability: Okalux Pioneers the Plus-Energy Building Concept

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With a remarkable history spanning over 120 years, Viega GmbH & Co. KG stands as a beacon of innovation in the installation sector. The company’s commitment to pushing boundaries is exemplified in the construction of the new Viega World seminar center—a testament to cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to sustainability.

Virtual Precision: Building with BIM Efficiency

The Viega World seminar center is not just a building; it’s a commitment to climate-neutral practices. Leveraging the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM), the planning and development of this architectural marvel were executed with virtual precision. Recognized with the prestigious “Platinum” rating by the DGNB German Sustainable Building Council, the center stands tall as a prime example of climate-neutral construction.

OKASOLAR S: Shaping the Future of Solar Shading

On the roof of this avant-garde building, 120 square meters of OKASOLAR S make a bold statement in sustainability. This insulating glass, featuring fixed louvers between the panes, is meticulously designed for optimal efficiency. With three-dimensionally shaped, highly reflective profiles, OKASOLAR S provides efficient direction-selective solar shading, harnessing diffuse daylight and offering partial transparency. Noteworthy for its sustainable footprint, this insulating glass is easily recyclable—contributing to a circular economy.

A Brighter Tomorrow: Sustainable Transparency and Efficiency

In the journey towards sustainable architecture, OKASOLAR S emerges as a luminary solution. Beyond its functional excellence, this insulating glass encapsulates the ethos of environmental consciousness. Viega’s commitment to a sustainable future is not just a vision; it’s a radiant reality, showcasing how innovation and responsibility can coexist seamlessly.

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