Revolutionizing Sustainability: O-I Drives Change with Biofuels Innovation

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Transforming Sustainability: O-I’s Innovative Biofuel-Powered Champagne Deliveries

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable practices, O-I’s Reims plant in France is revolutionizing champagne bottle deliveries. These bottles are now transported to nearby customers using trucks fueled by a unique blend of grapeseed and fryer oil.

Green Energy Origins

The grapeseed oil is carefully harvested from the Marne and Aubre regions of France, while the fryer oil is sourced from the bustling Paris region. This strategic use of biofuels marks a significant step towards reducing environmental impact.

Environmental Impact

The adoption of biofuels for transportation showcases a remarkable achievement for O-I, resulting in a notable 60 percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional diesel fuel. Additionally, there is an impressive 80 percent decrease in fine particle emissions.

Walter Ferrer’s Vision

Walter Ferrer, O-I’s Managing Director for South West Europe, emphasizes the comprehensive nature of their commitment to sustainability. He states, “To be effective, our commitment to sustainable development must be 360 degrees, involving all segments of our business. From purchasing to production, including support functions and day-to-day practices.”

Advancing Circular Economy

While O-I has already achieved commendable progress in the circular economy, with recycling rates exceeding 80 percent, the focus remains on enhancing energy efficiency, establishing resilient supply chains, and enhancing the working conditions for their teams.

Future-Forward Ambitions

This sustainable transportation method currently accounts for 70 percent of the Reims plant’s champagne bottle deliveries. However, the ambitious goal is to transition all champagne bottle deliveries to this eco-friendly system within the next three years.

O-I’s Holistic Sustainability Journey

O-I’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond individual processes. This innovative approach is a testament to their dedication to involve the entire value chain, transforming processes, products, and interconnected relationships. It aligns seamlessly with the company’s vision for a sustainable future.

In essence, O-I’s biofuel-powered champagne deliveries exemplify the company’s strides towards a greener, more sustainable future, embodying a harmonious balance between innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Source: O-I with additional information added by Apazone

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