Revolutionizing Sustainability: Apazone Achieves 100% Closure on Beverage Can Recycling Loop, a Remarkable Leap from 70%

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Bold Initiatives for a Sustainable Future: IAI Announces 100% Aluminium Beverage Can Recycling Target by 2050 at COP28

In the pursuit of net-zero targets, the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) takes a monumental leap forward at COP28, unveiling an ambitious plan to recycle at least 80% of the world’s aluminium beverage cans by 2030 and achieving an unprecedented 100% by 2050.

Ambitious Targets for a Greener Tomorrow

The IAI recognizes that current efforts, with over 70% of beverage cans recycled, fall short of the Paris Agreement’s 1.5-degree target. Acknowledging the urgency, the aluminium industry is rallying for a paradigm shift towards a more ambitious 80% recycling rate by 2030, aligning with the IEA’s net-zero 2050 goal.

Decarbonization Pathways: Circular Economy Leading the Charge

With global aluminium demand set to surge by 70-80% by 2050 and the longevity of products hindering recyclability, circularity emerges as one of three crucial pathways for sector-wide decarbonization. The recycling loop becomes pivotal, as aluminium’s infinite recyclability leaves no room for complacency.

Closing the Loop: Every Can Counts

Emphasizing the significance of aluminium’s infinite recyclability, the mission is clear: every beverage can in a landfill represents a missed opportunity for a sustainable future. Looking ahead to 2030, where beverage can production is expected to reach 630 billion, achieving global recycling would annually save a staggering 60 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Collaboration for a Common Goal

IAI’s commitment at COP28 is not solitary; it beckons governments and stakeholders across the aluminium beverage can value chain to join the cause. The call for action extends to policymakers, urging the establishment of recycling targets, enhancement of can collection policies, and transparent data publication to monitor progress.

Framework for Success: Four Concrete Actions

To realize the 100% recycling goal, a roadmap is proposed, calling for the scaling up of recycling activities, global recycling rate tracking, support for improved can collection policies, and prioritization of can-to-can recycling. Endorsements from industry leaders signal a united front in advancing sustainability and decarbonization.

A Global Impact: Beyond Aluminium Industry Boundaries

The ripple effect of achieving the 100% recycling rate stretches far beyond the aluminium industry, contributing to the broader agenda of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The commitment of the aluminium industry is not just adaptation; it’s leadership, setting an example for industries worldwide.

United for a Low-Carbon Future

As the call for action resonates, the aluminium industry stands united, unwavering in its dedication to a sustainable, low-carbon future. Establishing a framework for a 100% recycling rate is a pivotal step toward realizing this vision, and the time for collective action is now.

Source: Marlen Bertram, Director – Scenarios & Forecasts with additional information added by Apazone

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