Revolutionizing Insulated Glass Manufacturing with Thermoseal Group’s Latest Extruder

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Thermoseal Leads the Way in Thermoflex Manufacturing with Doubled Capacity

Thermoseal, a leading manufacturer of insulated glass components, has doubled its capacity for Thermoflex, a key component in the production of insulated glass units. Sales Director Mark Hickox explained that Thermoseal has taken control of the entire manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.

The Benefits of Thermoflex in Insulated Glass Units

Thermoflex is a flexible spacer used to separate the glass panes in an insulated glass unit. It provides superior thermal performance and reduces the risk of condensation and seal failure. By producing Thermoflex in-house, Thermoseal can ensure the highest quality and consistency, resulting in improved performance for the finished insulated glass units.

Thermoseal’s Dedication to Quality and Innovation

Thermoseal’s investment in doubling its Thermoflex capacity is just one example of its dedication to quality and innovation. With complete control over the manufacturing process, Thermoseal can continue to improve the performance and energy efficiency of its products.

Visit Thermoseal’s website to learn more about its commitment to excellence in insulated glass components.

Source: Thermoseal Group with additional information added by Apazone

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