Revolutionizing Glass Quality Assurance: Tianjin NorthGlass Trusts in Softsolution’s Cutting-Edge LineScanner Technology

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Empowering Quality Excellence: Tianjin NorthGlass Elevates Precision with Second LineScanner and Osprey 10 Complete

In a strategic move to fortify their commitment to unparalleled glass quality, Tianjin NorthGlass Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. has expanded its capabilities with the integration of a second LineScanner and an Osprey 10 Complete, following the resounding success of their initial LineScanner deployment in 2021.

Advanced Inspection Capabilities

The initial LineScanner, introduced after the tempering furnace for anisotropy and edge stress inspections, proved to be a game-changer. Building on this success, the addition of a second LineScanner and the Osprey 10 Complete now allows Tianjin NorthGlass to not only scrutinize anisotropy but also evaluate the distortion of tempered glass, advancing their precision in quality control.

State-of-the-Art Technology Integration

As a subsidiary of Luoyang NorthGlass Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin NorthGlass has strategically invested in cutting-edge technology to emerge as a key player in the glass deep-processing industry. The company’s expansive production capacities include an 18-meter ultra-large LOW-E production line covering 8 million square meters, alongside additional production lines for tempered, laminated, and safety insulated glass.

Flagship Products in Global Projects

Tianjin NorthGlass takes pride in contributing to iconic projects, such as Apple’s “Glass Spaceship” project in the United States, where their ultra-large energy-saving glass and structural glass products play a pivotal role.

Enhancing Tempered Glass Precision

The integration of LineScanner technology stands as a testament to Tianjin NorthGlass’ commitment to precise monitoring of anisotropy in tempered glass. This real-time inspection capability allows for swift adjustments in the tempering process, ensuring comprehensive documentation of glass quality. The LineScanner’s unique features include anisotropy examination, thermal image generation, and edge stress determination for each pane produced.

Quality Control Excellence

The Quality Manager at Tianjin NorthGlass emphasizes the LineScanner’s pivotal role: “Accurately monitoring anisotropy and providing timely instructions for adjusting the tempering process ensures the stability and traceability of quality control.”

As Tianjin NorthGlass continues to pioneer advancements in glass processing technology, their recent integration of cutting-edge inspection tools underscores their unwavering commitment to delivering glass products of the highest quality standards.

Source: Softsolution GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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