Revolutionizing Glass Durability: FG Trading Unveils the Power of Unelko’s Invisible Shield® PRO 15!

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Empowering Durability: FG Trading Unveils Invisible Shield® PRO 15

In the vibrant heart of Johannesburg, South Africa, FG Trading stands as a beacon of innovation in the glass industry. Their recent endeavor involves the application of Invisible Shield® PRO 15 to their WindStop Pro panels, a move that redefines glass protection against the relentless forces of nature.

Unmatched Protection, Unrivaled Durability

Invisible Shield® PRO 15 isn’t just a glass treatment; it’s a shield that defies time and weather. Offering unparalleled protection for up to 15 years, this revolutionary solution elevates scratch resistance by a staggering 93%. Rigorously tested and proven, it outshines every protective coating available in the market.

Ideal for Dynamic Spaces

Perfectly suited for bustling environments such as restaurants, cafes, and entertainment hubs, Invisible Shield® PRO 15 becomes the ultimate choice. It ensures longevity without compromising on clarity, making it the top preference for spaces that demand both resilience and aesthetics.

FG Trading: Pioneering Excellence

FG Trading, a trailblazer in the glass, fenestration, and construction sectors, proudly represents the ethos of quality and innovation. As an official distributor for Unelko Corporation for over six years, FG Trading has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions to Southern Africa. Their collaboration with Unelko Corporation underscores a commitment to excellence and a passion for transformative technology.

Invisible Shield® PRO 15 stands not just as a testament to advanced glass protection but also as a symbol of FG Trading’s dedication to providing the best to their clientele. Embrace the future of glass durability with FG Trading and Invisible Shield® PRO 15. Experience protection that speaks volumes, enduring the test of time and weather with unmatched resilience.

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Source: Unelko Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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