Revolutionizing Glass Design: Kuraray Launches Groundbreaking AI Structure Design App

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Breaking Boundaries: Kuraray Introduces Cutting-Edge AI Glass Structure Design App

Kuraray, a pioneer in cutting-edge technology, is proud to unveil its groundbreaking “Strength Lab AI” application. This revolutionary app is set to transform the way we calculate and design glass structures by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

A Leap Beyond Traditional Methods

Unlike conventional software solutions that rely on complex numerical methods, the “Strength Lab AI” app takes a unique approach. Powered by deep learning and neural networks, it can effortlessly replace traditional structural analysis tasks, covering everything from ultimate limit states to serviceability limit states. This means you can say goodbye to costly and time-consuming simulation software.

Dr. Michael Kraus, CEO of M&M Network-Ing, the exclusive developer of these AI apps for Kuraray, highlights the app’s significance: “Strength Lab AI not only simplifies calculations for sound insulation values but also addresses safety-critical aspects related to load-bearing capacities. This breakthrough eliminates the need for expensive numerical simulations, making it a game-changer for the industry.”

What to Expect

The app will launch with a limited free online version in September, followed by a “pro version” with expanded capabilities, enhanced user-friendliness, and advanced functionality.

How It Works

The app begins by gathering crucial data for structural analysis, considering factors such as glazing support conditions and loading. It then delves into area loads, spar loads, glass structure, and essential glass properties, including laminating materials. Using advanced AI models, it calculates stresses and deformations based on the input data.

M&M Network-Ing’s innovative approach, involving neural network algorithms and approximately 22 million data points for training, sets this solution apart. A special ‘Mixture of Experts’ model ensures comprehensive coverage of data distribution across various glass build-ups and load scenarios, eliminating common generalization issues.

Speed and Accuracy

Dr. Kraus emphasizes the app’s speed and precision: “Our app performs safety-critical calculations at an unprecedented speed, enabling resource-efficient construction through rapid feedback. With results available in seconds, it outpaces conventional, more complex systems that can take up to ten minutes. You won’t find a faster system on the market with the same level of accuracy.”

Towards Sustainable Design

Kuraray’s collaboration with M&M Network-Ing exemplifies a commitment to sustainability in the construction industry. The app allows for cost-effective evaluations of design alternatives, fostering resource conservation and economic efficiency in the planning phase.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive scientific publication on this game-changing application in the first quarter of 2024, brought to you by Kuraray and M&M.

About Kuraray: Kuraray is a global leader in the production of PVB and ionoplast interlayers for laminated safety glass applications in the architectural segment. With an extensive product portfolio, Kuraray offers exceptional solutions across structural, acoustic, UV control, and decorative applications, setting industry standards worldwide.

Source: Kuraray Europe GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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