Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency: The Launch of the “Machine Energy Consumption 4.0” Project

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Reducing Industrial Energy Consumption through Digital Technologies: “Machine Energy Consumption 4.0” Project Kicks Off

On April 20th, the Rimini Technology Centre began an exciting project called “Machine Energy Consumption 4.0.” This innovative collaboration between the Scm Group and the Universities of Bologna, Milan and Florence aims to lower the energy consumption of industrial machines by utilizing digital technologies. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important topic for our present and future, finding new “smart” solutions to reduce energy consumption and promote eco-friendliness is a top priority for modern-day companies.

The Scm Group’s partnership with “MICS, Made in Italy Circular Sustainable” facilitated this collaboration, which focuses on using technology for both economic and production purposes, as well as for protecting the environment and society as a whole. The project will develop tools and methodologies to monitor and reduce energy consumption of industrial machines, contributing significantly to creating a more sustainable future.

“The ‘Machine Energy Consumption 4.0’ project represents a challenge for all participants, but also a great opportunity for growth and development,” says Andrea Anesi, Innovation Director of Scm Group. “Thanks to the collaboration between the different entities involved, new skills and knowledge can be acquired and exchanged, but also new work and business opportunities can be created. It will require the active participation of all members involved, from scientific research to industrial production.”

This project marks an important step towards creating a sustainable and responsible future, and the collaboration between Scm Group and the Universities of Florence, Milan, and Bologna will undoubtedly produce impressive results. We are confident that “Machine Energy Consumption 4.0” will help to spread a new approach to energy use in Italian industries.

Source: CMS SpA with additional information added by Apazone

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