Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency: Mexico’s Second Tallest Skyscraper Achieves Unmatched Savings with Solarban® R100 Optiblue® Glass

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A High-Performance Glass Facade Delivers Strong Return on Investment, According to New Study

Vitro Architectural Glass recently released the results of an extensive post-occupancy energy-performance study titled, “True Story of a Successful Façade: A Proven Case of Savings, Comfort and Aesthetics.” The study, conducted by independent environmental consulting firm Three Consultoría Medioambiental, analyzed the energy performance of the 68-story KOI Tower in Monterrey, Mexico, which features a façade composed primarily of double-pane insulating glass units (IGUs) fabricated with Solarban® R100 Optiblue® glass by Vitro Glass.

The study found that the installation of Solarban® R100 Optiblue® glass on the tower enabled it to operate with 28% fewer tons of cooling capacity. The related benefits, including the use of smaller HVAC equipment (which requires less labor to install and less power to operate) and smaller duct sizes, translate into annual energy savings of almost $600,000, which could potentially equate to more than $25.5 million in savings over the life of the building.

Furthermore, the study showed that Solarban® R100 Optiblue® glass allowed only 49% of the ambient solar heat to pass through its surface, a significant reduction compared to the baseline performance of 12-millimeter uncoated monolithic clear glass, which showed 76% of the building’s total floor thermal load entering through the glass façade.

Additionally, using Integrated Environmental Solution’s IESVE7 program, the consulting firm calculated a 15.7% improvement in thermal comfort and a 13.7% reduction in glare compared to the baseline 12-millimeter clear monolithic glass. The firm’s analysis also determined that Solarban® R100 Optiblue® glass helped provide thermal comfort to building occupants 90% of the time, despite Mexico’s warm, semi-arid climate.

Aside from the financial and comfort benefits, the study found that more than 73,000 tons of carbon emissions will be mitigated over the life of the structure, which is equivalent to removing 36,979 vehicles from the road.

Overall, the study demonstrates that a high-performance glass façade can yield a strong return on investment. The KOI Tower, which is LEED ®-certified at the Silver level and is the tallest tower in Mexico to achieve this distinction, is an excellent example of how sustainable building design can provide financial savings and occupant comfort while mitigating carbon emissions.

To learn more about the study and Vitro Glass’s full line of architectural glasses, visit and, respectively.

Source: Vitro Architectural Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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