Revolutionizing Electric Mobility: Irizar e-mobility Pioneers Hydro’s Recycled Aluminium Produced with Green Hydrogen

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Irizar e-mobility, a forward-thinking Spanish enterprise and a valued customer of Hydro Extrusions, has made history by becoming the inaugural company to integrate recycled aluminium produced with green hydrogen into their cutting-edge electric vehicles.

In a significant leap towards sustainable transportation, Irizar e-mobility has emerged as an industry trailblazer, ushering in a new era for electric mobility. Collaborating with Hydro Extrusions, Irizar e-mobility is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle sector by incorporating recycled aluminium, a product of Hydro’s recycling operation in Navarra, Spain, where green hydrogen is utilized in the production process.

The breakthrough occurred in June when Hydro’s recycling facility in Navarra successfully produced recycled aluminium with the innovative use of green hydrogen. Rigorous testing ensued to validate the material’s suitability for extrusion, fabrication, and eventual integration into Irizar e-mobility’s electric vehicles. Following successful tests, Irizar e-mobility placed the first order for aluminium profiles crafted with this pioneering material in early November.

Bruno D’hondt, Senior Vice President of Extrusion Europe, expressed, “We reached an important milestone with the successful use of green hydrogen to produce recycled aluminium in Navarra. E-mobility is one of our key markets where aluminium profiles contribute with lighter weight and improved safety. Irizar e-mobility is, like Hydro, working towards more sustainable products. They are a perfect partner for us.”

Recycling aluminium already demands only 5% of the energy used in primary aluminium production. However, by embracing green hydrogen derived from renewable energy sources, Irizar e-mobility takes a giant stride in eliminating emissions from the production phase. With 100% post-consumer aluminium scrap, this innovative approach could result in zero-carbon aluminium, aligning with Hydro’s roadmap to zero.

The project in Navarra was a collaborative effort between Hydro’s green hydrogen company, Hydro Havrand, and Hydro Extrusions. Recognizing the challenges of decarbonizing high-heat processes in the industry, the project marks a significant step towards addressing these emissions through the use of green hydrogen.

Irizar e-mobility plans to use the aluminium profiles in their electric vehicles, including the innovative “ie tram,” an electric zero-emission bus with the appearance of a tram. This unique vehicle combines the large capacity, ease of access, and internal configuration of a tram with the flexibility of a city bus, exemplifying Irizar e-mobility’s commitment to cleaner and accessible transport.

Guillermo-A. Fernández Caballero, Head of Environment at Irizar e-mobility, emphasized, “We are very focused on reducing the carbon footprint of our products and activities, and we need materials that support this. Using recycled aluminium made with green hydrogen in our electric vehicles is a step in the right direction towards cleaner transportation.”

Source: Apazone

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