Revolutionizing Clean Solutions: Unveiling R.C.N. Solutions’ RD Clean Concept – Your Ultimate Problem-Solving System

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Unlocking Success: RD Clean Concept’s Impact on Glass Surface Precision

Since its introduction in 2021, RD Clean Concept has emerged as a game-changer, showcasing the remarkable benefits and potentialities of this patented laminating solution by R.C.N. Solutions.

The Critical Focus: Elevating Glass Surface Precision

In the pursuit of excellence, R.C.N. Solutions directs attention to a crucial aspect of the RD Clean Concept system — its profound impact on the glass surface and its pivotal importance.

Addressing Industry Challenges: Balustrades and Interlayer Thickness

Engaging with customers globally, the RCN team has uncovered a recurring challenge in jobs that demand a specific nominal value for the interlayer, such as balustrades. In some instances, rejections occurred due to the interlayer becoming excessively thin after lamination, falling short of compliance with regulations.

Unraveling the Mystery: The Pressure Predicament

The root cause of this challenge lies in certain laminating bags exerting uneven pressure on the edges. This results in an insufficient left thickness of the interlayer, causing it to be rejected due to being lower than expected. Moreover, maintaining complete flatness of the glass becomes a challenge.

A Definitive Solution: RD CLEAN CONCEPT Bag

The remedy to this challenge is clear: install an RD CLEAN CONCEPT bag. This innovative solution ensures uniform pressure distribution across the glass surface and edges. The outcome is clean edges and the attainment of the correct nominal value for the interlayer.

Adaptability Across Kilns: Flexibility for Your Needs

RCN emphasizes the versatility of the RD CLEAN CONCEPT system, as it can be seamlessly integrated into existing RCN kilns and various other kilns in the market.

Strategic Investment: RD CLEAN CONCEPT vs. Rejections

RCN Solutions urges careful consideration before dismissing the RD CLEAN CONCEPT. The cost of rejections far outweighs the investment in this definitive solution. Choose precision and reliability to avoid unnecessary setbacks.

Source: R.C.N. Solutions with additional information added by Apazone

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