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Unlocking Clarity: Revolutionizing Glass Tempering with Automated White Haze Detection

In the ever-evolving world of glass tempering, the Glastory blog post by Riku Färm sheds light on the enigmatic realm of white haze and unveils a groundbreaking solution for its automated detection.

Understanding White Haze

White haze, a longtime companion of glass tempering, has remained an elusive challenge for manufacturers. Its identification often required seasoned expertise, making it a formidable adversary. However, recent developments have paved the way for automated detection, finally demystifying this enigma.

Deciphering White Haze

White haze manifests as misty regions or recurring stripes on tempered glass surfaces. Surprisingly, it has operated without defined industry standards until now. This phenomenon is closely linked to the tempering process, where the glass bows due to heat expansion. The resulting surface stress can subsequently interact with dust or chemicals, resulting in the appearance of haze.

The Conundrum of White Haze

Undoubtedly, white haze ranks as one of the most perplexing quality issues in glass tempering. Its origins are multifaceted, and detection often eludes experts until the final installation phase. Compounding the challenge is the absence of a reliable measurement and grading system. Not all instances of white haze are problematic, and subjective visual assessments have been the norm, hindering effective solutions.

Marrying Experience with AI

A ray of hope emerges with the recent development of an advanced scanner. Combining tempering expertise with AI-driven optical glass quality scanning technology, this innovation aims to accurately detect and quantify white haze. The arduous development journey has proven that automated detection of white haze on tempered glass is indeed achievable. Leveraging a neural network and a vast repository of annotated images, the system has honed its ability to pinpoint white haze locations and gauge their intensity.

A Game-Changer for the Glass Industry

This pioneering tool brings automation to the forefront, addressing the challenges posed by white haze and enhancing the cost-efficiency of tempered glass production. Its introduction unquestionably marks a significant leap forward for the entire glass industry.

Source: Riku Färm | Glastory with additional information added by Apazone

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