Revolutionizing Bird-Friendly Glass with Surface 1 Innovation

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Pioneering a New Era in Glass Manufacturing: Nashville Tempered Glass Launches Innovative Surface 1 Laser Etched Bird-Friendly Glass

Nashville Tempered Glass, a renowned name in the glass industry, is all set to make history with the introduction of its groundbreaking product line – Surface 1 laser etched bird-friendly glass. As one of the first companies in the United States to offer this cutting-edge solution, NTGlass takes a significant stride forward, aligning with the latest norms and reinforcing its commitment to environmental stewardship.

A Bird-Safe Solution Without Compromising Design and Function

Scheduled to launch in August 2023, NTGlass’s Surface 1 laser etched bird-friendly glass marks a turning point in the glass manufacturing landscape. With a core focus on mitigating bird collisions, this innovative product ensures a safer environment for our feathered friends without compromising the aesthetic and functional demands of modern architectural designs. By integrating bird-friendly glass into construction projects, architects and builders can now create structures that embrace sustainable design principles while safeguarding local avian populations.

Key Highlights of NTGlass’s Surface 1 Laser Etched Bird-Friendly Glass:

  1. Cutting-Edge Surface 1 Laser Etched Treatment: NTGlass’s bird-friendly glass employs the Surface 1 laser etched treatment, a state-of-the-art technology designed to minimize bird-glass collisions effectively. This treatment surpasses internal applications by creating patterns on the external face of the glass, making them more visible to birds and, thus, more effective at preventing collisions.
  2. Versatile Solutions for All Architectural Needs: The Surface 1 treatment ensures versatility, catering to projects of all scales. From small-scale architectural designs to large-scale constructions, NTGlass’s bird-friendly glass provides tailor-made solutions to meet specific project requirements.
  3. The Perfect Blend of Safety and Efficiency: NTGlass’s bird-friendly glass is fully compatible with special coated glass types, marrying aesthetics, safety, and energy efficiency into one comprehensive package. This allows architects to strike the perfect balance between design elegance and ecological responsibility.
  4. A Benchmark in Performance and Design: With its unique Surface 1 solution, NTGlass takes the lead in the glass industry. The product’s extended flexibility in product and technical design enables it to accommodate a wide array of architectural styles and functional needs, setting a benchmark for others to follow.

Complying with North American Standards

NTGlass’s new line of bird-friendly glass adheres to North American standards, including those in Canada and the United States. These standards are well-known for their focus on bird safety and environmental preservation, making NTGlass’s bird-friendly glass a sought-after solution across the region.

Beyond Bird Safety: Additional Benefits of Surface 1

Apart from its avian safety advantages, Surface 1 also serves to minimize unwanted reflections and glare, significantly improving visual comfort for building occupants. This unique combination of avian safety, enhanced aesthetics, and improved comfort positions Surface 1 as a superior solution in the glass industry.

Embracing Sustainable Architecture with NTGlass

Nashville Tempered Glass, with over 30 years of experience, stands as a leading source for custom glass fabrication in North America. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner for architects, builders, and designers. NTGlass’s centrally located production facilities in Metro Nashville, TN, enable them to cater to a diverse range of sectors with top-quality fabricated glass products.

For More Information and Inquiries

For architects and builders looking to embrace sustainable architecture and incorporate bird-friendly glass into their projects, NTGlass’s team is ready to assist. To learn more about Surface 1 laser etched bird-friendly glass and other glass solutions offered by NTGlass, please contact

About Nashville Tempered Glass

With a legacy of 99 years of delivering high-performance glass solutions, Nashville Tempered Glass takes pride in its exceptional manufacturing expertise, dependable service, and top-quality products. As a leader in the industry, they remain dedicated to providing innovative glass solutions that enhance architectural designs and functionality. For more information on NTGlass and their product offerings, please visit

Source: Nashville Tempered Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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