Revolutionizing Automotive Excellence: Toyota Embraces AGC’s Digital Curtain™ Light Control Glass

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AGC’s Breakthrough: Digital Curtain™ Light Control Glass Elevates Toyota’s Century Model

In a groundbreaking development, AGC proudly announces that its cutting-edge Digital Curtain™ light control glass has been embraced by Toyota for its forthcoming “Century” model, set to debut in 2023. This collaboration marks a significant leap in automotive innovation, introducing a world-first concept: light control glass in car door sections.

Transforming the Driving Experience

The integration of Digital Curtain™ in the rear seats of Toyota’s Century model ushers in a new era of automotive comfort and convenience. With this innovative technology, passengers can effortlessly control light transmission and visibility, creating a spacious and tranquil cabin interior. It’s an extraordinary step forward in enhancing the driving experience.

The Magic of Digital Curtain™

Digital Curtain™ is no ordinary glass; it’s a marvel of modern engineering. This dynamic light control glass effectively reduces both heat and glare from sunlight while preserving privacy in its dimmed mode, creating an elegant, cocoon-like atmosphere within the vehicle. In its transmissive mode, it offers a sense of openness and clarity, providing the perfect balance between privacy and a panoramic view.

Breaking Boundaries

Traditionally, light control glass found its place in fixed windows, such as panoramic roofs. However, AGC’s Digital Curtain™ shatters the boundaries of possibility. It boasts exceptional chemical durability, capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to the elements—wind, rain, and sunlight. Simultaneously, it exhibits mechanical durability, effortlessly handling the demands of opening, closing, raising, and lowering.

Design Excellence

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Digital Curtain™ features a sleek black ceramic design around the window glass. This design element, impeccably refined to complement the prestige of Toyota’s Century, marks another global first—the use of light control glass in the rear door section. This innovation not only eliminates the need for conventional shades but also amplifies rear seating space, comfort, and privacy.

A Visionary Solution

AGC’s Digital Curtain™ light control glass is a masterpiece of engineering, composed of laminated glass with a specialized film discreetly sandwiched between two glass sheets. This ingenious design reduces UV rays by approximately 99 percent in both dimmed and transmissive modes, prioritizing passenger comfort and well-being.

Reimagine the Drive

With AGC’s Digital Curtain™ light control glass, Toyota’s Century model promises to redefine the driving experience. It’s a testament to innovation, comfort, and luxury, setting new standards in the automotive industry.

Source: AGC with additional information added by Apazone

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