Revolutionize Your Space with OKASOLAR 3D Roof Glazing – A Maintenance-Free Daylight System

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How a Gymnasium in Luxembourg is Making the Most of Daylight with OKASOLAR 3D Roof Glazing

Luxembourg’s Edward Steichen High School is home to a gymnasium that’s making waves in the sports world, thanks to its clever use of daylight. Designed by Jonas Architectes Associés, the gym features a stunning interior color scheme that’s further enhanced by the natural light that floods in through the roof glazing, which is made with OKASOLAR 3D technology.

But OKASOLAR 3D isn’t just a pretty feature. The insulating glass with a three-dimensional, highly reflective solar protection grid in the cavity between the panes is an effective solution for controlling solar gain and maximizing the use of daylight. Regardless of the sun’s position, direct solar transmission is always blocked, which significantly reduces heat gain in the interior of the building.

However, unlike some shading solutions, OKASOLAR 3D doesn’t completely block out natural light. Instead, it allows a large proportion of diffuse daylight from the northern hemisphere to enter the space, creating a more even distribution of light and significantly less fluctuation in brightness than with direct sunlight.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about OKASOLAR 3D is that it’s a maintenance-free solution. The grid is protected in the space between the panes, making it a hassle-free way to bring in natural light and control solar gain.

At Edward Steichen High School, the gymnasium is a prime example of how OKASOLAR 3D roof glazing can create a more comfortable and sustainable indoor environment, while also providing a stunning visual impact.

Source: Okalux Glastechnik GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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