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Revolutionize Your Energy Consumption: Experience a 30% Reduction with Glaston RC Series

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Aurys saves energy and boosts productivity with Glaston’s RC Series line

Aurys, a leading French manufacturer of decorative glass products, has replaced its two older tempering furnaces with one state-of-the-art Glaston RC Series line. The move will enable the company to reduce energy consumption, overcome outdated spare parts problems and enhance productivity through automation.

As a fully independent, family-owned business since 2021, Aurys focuses on uplifting interiors with glass products, and currently exports to 18 countries, including Japan and the US. The company’s decision to opt for Glaston’s RC Series line was based on the machine’s precision in tempering 2.85 mm glass, which aligns well with the French market’s preference for raw glass with screen printing.

With funding from France Relance recovery plan, Aurys began refurbishing its tempering process in March 2022. The new RC Series line was commissioned in record time, nine months after placing the order. The commissioning process was completed ahead of schedule, and fine-tuning started in January 2023. The Glaston team from Poland provided professional service throughout the process.

Running a tempering line no longer varies with the human factor, where the morning shift operator might run the machine differently than the evening shift operator. Automation ensures a standardized approach, and Aurys hopes to continue developing, perhaps even with Glaston’s Autopilot in the future.

Aurys’ Chairman, Samir Bou Obeid, expressed satisfaction with the new furnace’s performance, which has significantly reduced energy consumption and rationalized the company’s production setup. The other old furnace will be dismantled at the end of February 2023, once the team is convinced that the RC Series line is performing as expected.

In addition, Aurys found remote support from Glaston’s experts very helpful in ensuring that the machine’s functionality was always optimal.

As a result, Aurys looks forward to optimizing production and contributing to the ecological transition that will make France Europe’s first major decarbonized economy by 2050.

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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