Revolutionary Partnership: O-I to Implement PaneraTech’s Continuous Refractory Monitoring Solution

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O-I Partners with PaneraTech to Enhance Furnace Performance with Continuous Refractory Monitoring

O-I, the world’s leading glass container manufacturer, has taken a significant step towards improving its furnace operations by selecting PaneraTech’s advanced continuous refractory monitoring solution, Polaris™. This game-changing collaboration aims to optimize furnace performance and enhance reliability across multiple furnaces located on three continents.

A Proven Partnership

Having worked closely with PaneraTech for several years, O-I has successfully utilized the portable SmartMelter® sensors to conduct regular inspections on furnaces worldwide. The valuable insights from these periodic inspections have facilitated planning essential repairs and managing scheduled downtimes effectively. Now, with the introduction of Polaris™, O-I recognizes the immense potential of this cutting-edge technology to complement their existing inspection practices.

The Power of Continuous Monitoring

Unlike traditional snapshot inspections, continuous monitoring with Polaris™ empowers O-I to take early action on any refractory issues that could affect furnace operations. This proactive approach reduces the risk of unexpected disruptions and unplanned downtime, enabling O-I to confidently schedule repairs and meet the demands of planning, design, procurement, and customers.

A Holistic Solution for Refractory Management

Polaris™ is an integral component of PaneraTech’s comprehensive Digital Furnace Monitoring (DFM) Program, which focuses heavily on prevention to ensure more reliable glass production. The program incorporates a digital furnace management platform and dedicated asset manager, supporting the industry as experienced employees retire and a new workforce emerges.

Minimizing Risk in Electrification

Continuous monitoring with Polaris™ proves particularly valuable for electric and hybrid furnaces, as these technologies introduce potential uncertainties in refractory corrosion. As the glass industry shifts towards greater electrification, the risk of refractory wear increases. Polaris™ addresses these challenges and minimizes the chances of refractory failure in these furnaces.

Embracing New Melting Technologies

With the rise of melting technologies that heavily rely on electrical melting, understanding these processes early on is vital. Polaris™ empowers manufacturers to quickly grasp the nuances of these emerging technologies, allowing them to make informed decisions and optimize furnace operations.

For additional information on the Digital Furnace Monitoring Program and Polaris™, feel free to contact

Source: O-I  with additional information added by Apazone

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