Revolutionary Milestone: Ardagh Glass Packaging Set to Install the Inaugural SORG CLEAN Melter®

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Breaking Ground: Ardagh Glass Packaging Introduces the NextGen Furnace

Nikolaus SORG, a trailblazer in glass technology, is thrilled to commence construction of the groundbreaking SORG CLEAN Melter® at Ardagh Glass Packaging’s state-of-the-art facility in Obernkirchen, Germany. This revolutionary furnace, aptly named Ardagh’s NextGen Furnace, represents a major leap forward in sustainability and efficiency. Boasting an impressive energy composition of up to 80 percent electricity and 20 percent gas, this hybrid furnace sets a new standard in glass production. With a focus on amber glass bottles and a daily production capacity of 350 tonnes, it will utilize a substantial amount of cullet, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable practices.

Innovative Engineering at its Core

The CLEAN Melter®, an engineering marvel, is the result of meticulous mathematical modeling and the integration of established SORG technologies and components. The furnace incorporates cutting-edge features such as the refining shelf, separation wall, gas and oxygen combustion, and electrical heating system. By synergizing these advanced elements, SORG has developed the most sustainable solution currently available for high-tonnage container glass furnaces, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of glass manufacturing.

A Partnership for a Greener Future

Ardagh Glass Packaging has entrusted SORG with the responsibility of supplying all furnace technology for their Obernkirchen facility. This comprehensive supply package encompasses design, engineering, equipment provision, installation, and commissioning. The collaboration between SORG and Ardagh represents a pivotal step towards achieving a substantially decarbonized glass manufacturing process. With the successful implementation of this project, both companies are primed to meet their customers’ demands for reduced CO2 emissions through the adoption of low carbon technology.

Matthias Haas, Associate Sales Director at Nikolaus SORG, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “Today, SORG CLEAN Melter® technology stands as the market’s most sustainable solution for large-scale container glass furnaces, effectively minimizing the carbon footprint. We eagerly anticipate working hand in hand with Ardagh to bring forth a significantly decarbonized glass manufacturing process. This project positions us to meet our customers’ needs for CO2 reduction through the utilization of low carbon technology.”

As construction commences on the inaugural SORG CLEAN Melter®, the partnership between Nikolaus SORG and Ardagh Glass Packaging paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future in glass manufacturing.

Source:  Ardagh Glass Packaging with additional information added by Apazone

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