Revolutionary LiSEC Lamination Line: Tailored Excellence in Intelligent Laminated Glass Solutions

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Introducing the LiSEC PlusLam: The Ultimate Breakthrough in Laminated Glass Technology

Latest innovation in laminated glass production – the LiSEC PlusLam. With its state-of-the-art machinery and advanced lamination technology, the PlusLam sets new benchmarks in efficiency and quality. Designed to cater to various industrial applications, this modular machine promises exceptional results for interior processing, roofing, railings, multi-layered laminates, and even façade units.

Unleashing Intelligent Lamination: Exploring the PlusLam’s Structural Excellence

The PlusLam boasts a meticulously crafted structure that encompasses all the necessary machines for the seamless production of high-quality laminated glass sheets. From the loading process before the washing stage to the final removal after pre-lamination, these machines combine to form a highly adaptable and sophisticated assembly line. Whether configured in a straight running direction or a U-shape, the PlusLam offers flexibility to suit diverse production needs. Moreover, LiSEC provides optional components like the climatic chamber and autoclave, ensuring a comprehensive investment solution. Notably, the single-level climatic chamber eliminates complex structural requirements, distributing the weight of the foil magazine evenly across the floor.

A Closer Look at the PlusLam’s Seamless Workflow

The PlusLam simplifies the lamination process, offering both manual and automatic loading options. After the thorough washing process, the first glass sheet is automatically aligned with the reference edge on the positioning table. With utmost precision, the sheet is then placed in the assembly area by the advanced lift-over unit. Simultaneously, the foil is positioned on the sheet and trimmed to length, either manually or via full automation. Meanwhile, the lift-over unit ensures the precise alignment of the cover sheet, allowing for automated glass edge alignment and manual alignment for internal processing, such as drilled holes.

For utmost efficiency, the foil can be trimmed manually or automatically using the intelligently designed automatic foil edger. This allows for the simultaneous assembly of the next laminate during the trimming process. Thanks to these automated solutions, a single operator can efficiently manage the assembly area. Furthermore, a foil shuttle is available to support the operator during manual foil application, significantly reducing wastage.

Once assembled, the laminate undergoes automatic thermal treatment and pressing in the pre-laminator, which serves as the heart of the entire line. The foil is heated using a precise combination of infrared radiation and convection, automatically adjusted to suit the specific glass type. For narrower sheets, eco radiant heaters are employed to minimize energy consumption and prevent overheating. The pressing process, enhanced by servo spindles instead of hydraulic or pneumatic presses, ensures perfect parallelism even with complex shapes. The entire operation is efficiently controlled through automatic recipe adjustment. Finally, the fully pressed laminate is loaded onto the autoclave rack in the discharge area.

The PlusLam excels in handling smaller sheet formats, thanks to its split drives in the assembly area. This capability enables highly efficient processing, even on larger lines, ensuring productivity and precision across the board.

Who Can Benefit from the PlusLam?

The PlusLam is specifically designed to meet the demands of industrial applications, featuring a modular design that accommodates various glass sizes and options. It is the ideal choice for glass processors specializing in top-quality interior processing, roofing, railings, multi-layered laminates, and façade units. With its exceptional versatility, the PlusLam is ready to revolutionize the lamination process for a wide range of industries.

Unveiling the Advantages of the PlusLam

The PlusLam presents numerous advantages, including unparalleled productivity with minimal labor input, outstanding quality, and rapid return on investment. With its extensive configuration options, the PlusLam can be tailored precisely to each customer’s requirements.

Drawing on LiSEC’s decades of experience with CMI and Armatech technology, the PlusLam represents the pinnacle of intelligent laminating machines. It introduces “Speed Assembling,” a rapid assembly process facilitated by separate drives, in combination with automatic foil rough cutting. This unique combination ensures incredibly short cycles in the assembly area. Moreover, the use of infrared and convection for foil heating maintains this efficiency throughout the pre-laminating process. With these advanced technologies, the PlusLam can achieve an impressive production rate of up to 50 laminates per hour.

Apart from speed, the PlusLam offers exceptional cost efficiency. The automated foil handling, including foil application, rough cutting, and trimming, allows the machine to be operated by a single operator in the assembly area. Furthermore, the PlusLam leads the market in energy cost savings, thanks to its low air-conditioning requirements enabled by the single-storey climatic chamber. The pre-laminator’s eco radiant heaters and rapid heating time contribute to further energy efficiency.

With the PlusLam, speed, cost efficiency, and high quality are no longer mutually exclusive. Its precise assembly ensures customer satisfaction, while automated processes reduce operator errors and the potential introduction of foreign objects into the laminates. The final product quality is guaranteed through pre-lamination, which includes precise tempering of the foil and parallel, reliable pressing facilitated by the unique servo spindles. For the most demanding applications, the PlusLam offers fully automatic pre-lamination with a double press.

Standard Functions and Optional Enhancements

The PlusLam comes equipped with several standard functions, including a high-quality low-e horizontal washing machine with six brushes, a precise positioning table, and a lift-over unit for maximum accuracy. It also features three foil rolls directly above the line, a pre-laminator with convection and infrared heater, and a servo spindle press for exceptional precision, even with complex shapes. Automatic recipe adjustment in the pre-laminator further streamlines the operation.

Additional optional features can be added to enhance the PlusLam’s capabilities, such as Speed Assembling (split drives) for efficient production of smaller formats, automatic foil rough cutting, automatic foil application, automatic foil trimming at all four edges, six foil rolls directly above the line, a paternoster for foil rolls, a foil shuttle for improved handling and reduced wastage, eco radiant heaters in the pre-laminator, a pre-laminator design with a double press, automated data transfer to higher-level planning systems, and the provision of the climatic chamber and autoclave.

Source: LiSEC Austria GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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