Revolutionary Glass Solutions by R.C.N. Now Available at Viridian Glass

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RCN Solutions Installs Lammy System 2+2 for Viridian Glass in Australia

RCN Solutions, a leading manufacturer of glass processing equipment, is proud to announce the successful installation and training of the Lammy System 2+2 at Viridian Glass in Australia. The technical team from RCN worked closely with the professionals at Viridian Glass to ensure a seamless installation and training process.

The Lammy System 2+2 is a glass laminating kiln equipped with four RD CLEAN CONCEPT bags that ensures clean edges and accelerates production. With an active size of 2500 by 5000 millimeters and two shelves inside the lamination chamber, this innovative system can be upgraded further in the future to double production by adding an additional laminating chamber.

In addition, the over-top storage unit equipped with two additional shelves increases output by at least 30%. This feature allows for easy alternation of the shelves between the lamination chamber and the outside, facilitating a hand-operated job that can be further improved in the future.

RCN Solutions is grateful for the opportunity to work with Viridian Glass and appreciates their warm welcome. As the company continues to expand its presence in Oceania, RCN Solutions is dedicated to providing excellent service and understanding market requirements.

Source: R.C.N. Solutions with additional information added by Apazone

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